Jake Cuban Bio, Age, Wiki and Mother (Mark Cuban son)

Jake Cuban is a son of the world-famous businessman Mark Cuban. Mark is a renowned American businessman and investor who own national basketball association. Along with that, Mark is also the co-owner of 2929 Entertainment and an investor of Television series Shark tank (aired on ABC). Jake idolizes his father the most and wants to be like him. Tiffany Stewart is Jake’s mother and Mark Cuban’s wife. Jake has two elder sisters Alyssa and Alexis.

Early Life and Education

Jake was born in Dallas, Texas. He is being brought up by his mother Tiffany along with sisters Alyssa and Alexis Sofia.

Cuban’s birth and wiki
As per the bio, Jake was born in 2010 but his exact birth date is not available as his parents want to keep it private. His current age in 2018 is in between 7 to 8 years. Jake has been going to school since past few years ago. He is in the basic stage of primary schooling. Cuban is quite public friendly and more confident compared to other children of his age. Jake’s bio is available on some celebrity sites.

Career and Professional Life

As Jake is a young child, there is not much to discuss his career now. Any estimation or speculations might be wrong as he is not able to determine and define his ambitions correctly right now. Jake is quite close to his dad and spends a lot of time with him. This might be the reason that he wants to be a businessman like his dad but nothing can be said about his career bright now.

Jake’s career building
Mark is a very caring father to his kids and spends a lot of time with them. He takes care of their studies, interest, extra-curricular activities, and rejuvenation. Being a liberal father, Mark wants his kids to follow their passion and do whatever they want in the best way possible. Mark shared in an interview that he feels his children are going to be more hard-working than him.

Personal Life

Jake is currently residing in Dallas with his parents and siblings. His family is the perfect example of a modern, progressive, and high-profile family.

Cuban’s family life
Jake shares a very tight bonding with both of his sisters. His mother Tiffany has been guiding him about all sorts of family values and norms. Both of Jake’s parents are American and they follow Christianity. Jake has a great faith in God and he visits the church at least once in a week with his other family members. Cuban family frequently visits foreign land in order to spend their vacations.

Body Measurements

Jake is just like an ordinary child who is in the mediatory age of physical and mental growth. Thanks to inheritance, Jake has been blessed with the best physical features of both of his parents.

Jake’s physical appearance
The kid has an average height measuring 4 feet 6 inches and his body weighs about 34kg. He has a milky white complexion complemented at its best by hazel eyes and light brown hair.

Salary and Net worth

Jake does not have any worth on his name as he is too young to earn. He is an heir of his father’s property along with the sisters. But currently, Jake’s father has not transferred anything to his name as he is too young for that.

Cuban family’s riches
Mark Cuban’s estimated net worth is 3.8 billion US dollars. This amount is contributed by an annual income worth 750 million US dollars.

Wiki and Facts

Jake is an extremely inquisitive child and continuously questions his elders. He is extremely good at study and extracurricular activities.

Jake Cuban’s hobby
Jake loves painting along with singing. He also has a hobby of collecting various coins. In fact, Jake has a great collection of foreign and American coins.

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