Jason Watt Bio, Age, Family, Facebook, Crash, Football and Net worth


One of the renowned Danish racing drivers Jason Watt was born on 24 February 1970 and has retained numerous achievements during his successful driving career. The racing driver is best known for completing the International Formula 3000 Championship in 1997. At present, he is contributing as a team manager for Team Wounded racings. Before moving to Formula Ford in 1992, he was just an ordinary kart racer but today he is a renowned name in the racing world. He will be remembered forever for winning the Formula Opel Euroseries. The 47 years old racer is an inspiring personality and a person of confidence and hardworking nature. His bio shows how competent person he is despite several ups and down in his life.


Jason Watt Family


Danish racer Jason Watt is a married person and he is enjoying his present time with his family members. Watt was married to Mai-Britt Vingsøe who is a Danish Television host. Their married life was blessed with twins named Noah and Filuca. Everything was going perfectly well but suddenly the couple started getting misunderstandings and dispute within them. As a result, Watt and Vingsøe decided to get a divorce in 2003.


After 4 years of divorce life, Danish racer Jason Watt made his second marriage with Sara Matthiesen in 2007. The couple has given birth to a baby boy named Silas. This marriage too didn’t become successful to travel so far and after 17 months of their marriage, the couple went for divorce in 2008. At present, Danish racer Jason Watt is married to Majbrit Heidi Berthelsen and is reported that the couple has no any problems to get worried.


You might not know that the son of Jason Watt i.e. Noab watt is also a racing driver being influenced by his biological father. He is said to be competing in the opening Danish F4.


Jason Watt Crash: Was he Seriously Injured?


Yes, it was a terrifying moment for the entire Jason’s fans when he got seriously injured in crash during a promotional photo session in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1999. He was injured so badly in his chest and spinal areas and at that time he was said to be critical and was placed in a medically induced coma.


During the treatment, the doctor could not attend for the spinal injuries, as it was necessary to treat his chest injuries first in order to save his life because of the serious complications. The Danish racer Jason Watt woke up on October 20 from the coma and found that his spine has torn in the seventh thoracic vertebra resulting him to lost the use of his legs for the rest of his life


During that severe accident, Watt was at the age of 29 and was quite young. Because of the crash, Jason Watt became unable to use his legs and doctors suggested him to stay far from the racing world. This incident made thousands of his fans sad but still, the man is struggling and motivating the upcoming youths.


Is Jason Watt a Producer? What is His Relation with Football?


There Is a producer from New York whose name is Jason Watt too and many people often get confused from this fact. Danish racer Jason watt is not a film producer and is too far from that world. Also, there is an American football player who plays as a defensive player and internet users often find his profile while searching the wiki of racer Jason Watt. The real name of that football player is Derek John Watt.


Jason Watt Net worth: How Rich is the Danish Car Racer?

The net worth of Danish racer Jason Watt is $1.1 million dollars. Jason Watt is working for the physically disabled person in order to bring them up and develop motivation and give them a new hope to live. During his racing career, he has gained numerous achievements which include Danish Touring Car Championship. Although he has quit racing for the championship, still his earnings from multiple sources have made his net worth to rise every year.


Wiki and Facts

As of 2017, Jason Watt is in the age of47 considering his birthday. You can Find him on social networking sites and also his bio can be read on Wikipedia page. Join Jason Watt on the Twitter @jasonwattVO. You can Like his official Facebook page www.facebook.com/jasonwattofficial which has nearly got 40k followers.


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