Jenna Marbles bio, wiki, age, boyfriend, feet, dog, and net worth

Either a person is good or bad whatever work they do, their pseudonym will always be on the basis of profession followed by them. Jenna Nicole Mourey aka Jenna Marbles is a multi-talented star who runs one YouTube channel, blog channel, she belongs to the category of both comedian, and actress. Her channel is the second most popular YouTube channel belonging to a woman. Jenna was born on 15th September 1986 in Rochester, New York USA, the American YouTube sensation graduated from Brighton High School. After completing her graduation the family migrated to Boston, where she attended Suffolk University. Jenna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Psychology, she, later on, joined Boston University for achieving Master in Education. Jenna has done a deep research in sports Psychology and counseling, in early life she did a job of an author of female counterpart belonging to Barstool Sports. According to Jenna’s wiki, she was paid a three bedroom flat with rent worth 800 US dollars by the company.

Jenna’s biography and age

According to her bio Jenna’s age in 2017 is 31 years, actually, a small span compared to the achievements she has earned. Her career was never predefined as she did several jobs before coming in the limelight being a You Tuber. Jenna kept her feet in bartending, working for a tanning salon, blog writing, and also dancing at several nightclubs. After all those jobs done for sustaining life, she found her inner talent and that was making people laugh and eradicating their sorrows and tears. So officially, she started a YouTube channel in 2010 and her first video was named – ‘How to Trick People into Thinking you are good looking’ which nearly had 5.3 million views within the first week. Her success went on growing bigger day per day; nowadays she weekly uploads a video either on Wednesday or Thursday for the viewers and subscribers. The pseudonym Marbles for her channel is derived actually from a name of Jenna’s pet dog Mr. Marbles. In 2017 her channel has 17 million subscribers and the videos are nearly played over 2 billion times, that’s a real plus point for Jenna.

Personal Life

 Jenna has a very amazing personal life as she is an adventure loving girl with tons of humbleness within her. She has a very hearty connection with dogs; many of them belonging to different breeds are reared in her house. She is also an entrepreneur who launched a brand of dog toys named Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles. Jenna’s current known boyfriend is Julein Solomita who was part of her several videos. After some time, she disclosed him as her boyfriend, their relation started in 2017. The previous in a list was Max Weisz; their relation also started with videos and later on became a cheesecake. Jenna revealed the fact that max was cheating on her and finally, thought of break up after 4-year long relationship. She was sad after her breakup but after certain time got back to regular life. Currently, she and Julein are having a fun time with each other, they look very adorable together.

Jenna Marbles’ net worth

The multi-talented You Tuber has various sources of earnings too as she works being a blogger, movie producer, actor, comedian, businesswoman, and YouTube channel runner. According to some sources, her estimated net worth is around 5.3 million US dollars and yearly earns $600 thousand. As per Jenna’s wiki every day, 1500 new subscribers are added in her channel which makes about 1800 US dollars daily. So Jenna has a very good earning through YouTube and her blogs also add some percent to the amount she earns. Her feet are still moving on the path of success so, she has much more to achieve and get.

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