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They say women born in the month of August are quite a personality. They are fierce and charismatic enough to blow any men who so ever they meet. Every astrologist when revealing the true character of any “Leo women” denote them to be a soft-hearted with outrages personality who firmly believes in hard work rather than hard luck.

Jericka Duncan, the strong adamant character is what defines her. The intensely private CBS News correspondent has a more charismatic revelation, which is strayed from every picky eye of media. Though her voice is herd in the whole of the United States, her off-screen life, is not as outspoken as she showcased personality.

Besides her career upfront as CBC news reporter, nothing seems to be in limelight. So, there exists a dicey situation regarding her husband and married life. Without any excuses, we will figure out the true picture of her wiki, husband, age & birthday.

Threatening text: Has safety become a major concern for Jericka Duncan, at a successful age?

When a woman speaks for herself, she becomes a feminist. Whether or not she has been a solo victim of harassment. But, not in the case of every woman. Bold reporter Duncan removed the black curtain of workplace harassment, she had undergone through.

The lady, who is known for her courageous reporting on harassment and scandals got a threat from her own colleagues, “60 minutes” head Jeff Fager, who was later sacked by CBS.

Duncan bought the entire situation to media and demonstrated every word of a threat she had received, where a clear warning was given to her regarding her getting involved in serious problems including employment danger.

The mighty lady did get support from several of her female & male co-star followed by great support from her fans in social media. She did a tremendous job by bringing the issue on limelight, from which she saved several of her female co-workers from being another target.

Well, people forget that they are no longer in a stone world. Today, every corner of the world is connected by media. One default move, your career, and your identity both are finished. So, people don’t be prey, open up, show up and fight back.

Powerful personality; Has she wooed her husband or is she single at 35 years ago?

For every powerful social news coverage, she gets approached. But for her dignified cupid heart exposure, has she been loomed by any men?

A few years back, she was into a story for dating WABC reporter Dray Clark. But both the pairs have privatized the matter without any affirmative signs.

However, social media picture another romantic version of the story for both of them. Their Twitter and Instagram are filled with adorable moments, shared by them.

Once Jericka had admitted that she would love to settle with a husband and embrace family life. Nevertheless, her busy schedules forbid her in doing so, even though she loves aligning with her family.

We can definitely presume that she is not at all in the mood to unfold her personal details. Presently, she might be secretly married to the man of her life and enjoying her family life without stirring media. Her preserving character is completely hiding her relationship status, so for not till she herself pull out the cat from the bag, we consider her to be a single determined woman, aiming to become a legendary reporter in near future.

Wiki & Biography of Jericka Duncan

TV news correspondent Duncan was born in 1983, August 12 at New York. For early education, she was sent to Aurora High School while she graduated from Ohio University, with a communication degree. Before choosing her career, she was a caption of her basketball team in high school, which urged her to earn the NAACP Image Award (2005).

After immediate graduation, she worked for NBC affiliated channel “WETM-TV” in New York.  Later she began reporting for CBS affiliated channel WIVB-TV in Buffalo, NYC. In 2013, her struggle finally came to an end, and thereafter she worked as a national correspondent for CBS News, where she gave a notable contribution in reporting sector by covering stories of “Hurricane Sandy” and “Washington Navy Yard Shooting.”

Alongside accumulating a net worth of around $1 million, she has done some notable works which bought her awards and recognition. She was honored with “Best Spot News Coverage (2007)”, by New York State Broadcasters Association Award, “Best Morning Show (2008)” by Emmy Award, “Broadcast Journalist of the year (2012)”.

Not every woman needs to get married at 25 and have kids, there are several women who are more into shaping their career and earning popularity. It’s not that they are completely ignoring the marriage, but they are working with full determination, till they figure out their kind of Mr.Right, who they think is the right choice to settle in. Well, Duncan, we pray you to get the love of your life soon, and get married happily ever after.

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