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Intitution or instinct, whatever you may say, but very few people are blessed with it. And with their sixth sense they actually a road map their future and hence achieve it! While rest despite finishing graduation still get confused about their career and impulsively switch to and FRO on their work career. But CNN reporter Jessica Schneider does not fall in the aforesaid second phase. Having joined TV club reporter club during her teen, she exactly had a vision of her career, and her purpose in her life.

In spite of being so accurate in her career, is Jessica, accurate with her marriage line, or is it still toiling the graph chart? Without much further talking and battling around the bush, we will reveal more about her wedding scenario, her mighty success followed by her biography and wiki.

Safely guarded married life, who is Jessica’s husband, any children so far?

And not to miss! Jessica is engaged. At the age of 47 years, Jessica finally finds the man of her life. The news was shared through her Instagram post on July 7, 2018. The revelation states, her waits are finally over as she is striving to spend the rest of her life with her longtime man and the love of her life Adam Harrison, whose actual identity and profession has not yet been disclosed.

Unlike her daunting professional career, her private life is safely protected. She might be smiling and reporting as a national correspondent but alas, her personal life is far from the media acquaintances. Although Jessica has spoken about her teenage indulgence as a club reporter and her interesting career as lawyer & reporter, her dating life with Adam is not at all exposed.

Before the engaged news, Jessica was rumored to be secretly married to her so-called secret and longtime boyfriend Mitch Schwartzman, whom she was rumored to have met in 2011, during summer at a local bar. The rumored was extended to marriage which was again falsified to have taken place in 2013 at a private ceremony. The bluffing series continued making her be a secret lady.

In fact, the news about her private wedding is fake followed by the name of the man. Jessica though has not spoken about her encounter with Adam she surely has shared her happiness with her man, and we are sure her wedding will not be a mystery. So, we hope she gets married to her long waited man soon maybe within this year itself. She might have a private affair but we are sure she will definitely announce it in the forthcoming days.

Jessica loves children she is seen actively engrossed in children welfare programme and spending quality time with her niece Anna. But as of now, she has no children of her own. One day maybe she will have her own child or maybe she will adopt one, as her love for children through her social involvement is not to be missed one.

Well, Jessica congratulation for finding the right man and getting engaged!

Biography & Wiki of Jessica Schneider

Jessica was born on April 26, 1970, at Manchester England to a White Ethnicity family. She completed her high school from Connecticut High School and received graduation from Boston University in 2002 with a degree in political science and journalism. Before proceeding with her journalism career, Jessica enrolled herself in law school in 2006 and achieved an attorney degree to quench her thirst in political science. In 2011, Jessica joined television network WCBS TV reporter covering legal cases and disaster news.  Her legal instinct added more to her journalism career which made her grab stardom on Etan Patz murder trial on New York City.

In 2016 she joined CNN network. The 5 ft 10-inch tall beauty besides gaining stardom has also achieved a height of success through Emmy Awards for her news coverage on “The Return Home New Jersey” and “Superstorm Sandy”. With a career as an attorney and journalism, Jessica has accumulated the net worth of an estimated $4 million dollar. She is said to have an annual salary of $350 thousand dollars which every year adds to her existing wealth. Besides Net Worth, the smart lady is also active in several charitable works especially for Children Welfare. She currently resides in Manhattan and enjoys her leisure time in traveling and working as a mentor for high school students.

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