Jim Acosta Biography, wife, net worth, and salary

Abilio James Acosta also known as Jim Acosta is currently working as the senior white house correspondent for CNN. Acosta was born on 17th April 1971 and currently is residing in Washington D.C; he is an American Journalist belonging to the white ethnicity. According to some sources his father was the descent of Cuba and came to America as the refuge of Cuba three weeks after the Cuban Missile Crisis and Acosta grew up in Virginia. His schooling took place at a former public high school in Annandale, Virginia from where he completed his graduation in 1989 and after that he attended James Madison University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with a minor in political science during his school time he worked as volunteer for WXJM which was a student run radio station and also worked as a reporter for WSVA a local radio station.


Formally his professional career began at the radio station called WMAL situated in Washington but he quit this job in 1994 for entering in television. In TV he started work with WTTG TV being a desk assistant but officially he moved to the front of the camera to become a substitute anchor and a reporter at WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee and sustained in the job till 1998.  From 1998-2000 he worked as the reporter of KTVT TV in Dallas he again left the job to work for WBBM TV in Dallas after which he worked as a CBS correspondent News path service, up to 2007 he worked in the position. Firstly, it was New York based but later on turned out to be Atlanta based. Being there he covered several events such as the campaign of Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004, the Iraq war from Baghdad and the Hurricane Katrina. Acosta joined CNN in April 2007 and in the following year; he covered the Presidential campaigns of Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. During 2012 he was upgraded to the National Political Correspondent for CNN and in this period he covered the Presidential Campaign of Republican Nominee Mitt Romney. In 2016 President Obama traveled to Cuba and Acosta went there for covering trip of President while visiting Havana Island he met with the Cuban President Raul Castro. It is said that Acosta was highly impressed by human right records of Cuba and these were the major works in his life till date, for sure many more of these sorts of works are yet to come in his biography

Net worth and salary

Acosta’s net worth is estimated to be 2.5 million U.S dollars and he gets an annual salary of 300 thousand U.S dollars. The major source of his income is the Job of Senior Whitehouse correspondent of CNN while minor sources are job such as websites writing, columnist and professor of Journalism these all are his part time jobs. Apart from these he made some money from ads and endorsements too and in 2010 he bought a luxurious mansion for himself and his family which was worth 700 thousand U.S dollars

Marital status

Jim is married to Sharon Mobley who is a registered nurse and the couple is happily married since 24 long years. Jim and his wife now are blessed with three children among which two are daughters and one is a son but their names are not mentioned anywhere as he is quite possessive towards them. While scanning his social media handles we found a lot of pictures, tweets, and posts with his family which proves that he loves his wife and children a lot. He is a loving husband along with a caring and supporting husband.

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