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After leaving childhood behind and radically jumping to teenage, the entertainment preference too changes. From carton networks to HBOs and then finally settling to HGTV. Its funny, things we liked during our childhood no longer is entertained by us.

Keeping everything aside, HGTV channel has been our favorites, from Carlos Bakery to Master Chef we have loved everything about it. And what we loved the most was the show “Fixer Upper”. The show was basically hosted by one of the most successful real estate couple Joanna and Chip Gaines.

They proved how can a power couple gain success through unbreakable love and support from their partner. Through buying, selling and renovating homes, today they have become a proud owners of construction company, bakery, television shows, author and a lovely parent.

Despite blooming together, their marriage once did go through a wobbly experience. Regardless of trouble they chose to stick strong and rejuvenate their relationship.

Joanna & Chip Gaines married life? Still rocky or has stabilized?

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Chip and Joanna has one of the strongest marriages in the whole of entertainment biz.

Before tying knot, they attended same university, Baylor University, where they were wholly unaware about each other.

But, before falling head over heels in love, they have a strange story to share. The meeting took place frequently at Firestone tire shop owned by Joanna ‘s father. It was a love at first sight from Chip’s end, as he saw her in one of the family photographs kept in a shop by her father.

Joanna revealed,

“We met in the waiting area and hit it off immediately. He was genuinely engaging and he had such a sincere smile.”

While Chip added,

“Her dad made the mistake of putting a pic of their family behind the counter at his shop. I knew I’d marry her one day just by the picture on the wall.”

Since then chip continuously returned to the shop till he met her. In 2001, their love story bloomed efficiently, which made them tie knot in 2003, May 31, at Earle-Harrison-House, Waco.


In spite of sharing a blissful marriage life, the two confronts that they are opposite poles.

As we all know the intensity of marriage. Similar situation had risen between the two. Things did hit the rough patch. In an interview, a shocking disclosure was made according to Joanna,

“If you give Chip a boundary, he’s going break that boundary. If you give him a rule, he’s not going to follow it. If you tell him he can’t go past this line, he dips his toe over it.”

Every of her fan follower thought that the disparity would surely be heading for a divorce. But they both took the other way and started working together in a show “Fixer Upper”.

A family of seven, living happily ever after!

Joanna and Chip shares their love with adorable five kids. They are blessed with two daughters Ella and Emmie. While the other three are her sons named Druke, Drake and a 7-month-old boy named Crew.


The proud parents recently celebrated their 15 years of togetherness and still continues to work on being an example in society.

Joanna’s biography, age, nationality, ethnicity & Wikipedia

Born on 1978, April 19, to a half Lebanese/ half German father Stevens and to a Korean mother Jerry at Kanas. She has four siblings; Teresa, Mary Kay, Criswell and McCall.


She is of American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity. She is currently 41 years old and has a maintained body measurement.

When coming to her professional career she does have a successful one. She is the co-founder and designer of every Magnolia Homes. She and her husband so, far have renovated 100 of homes for their project.

Regardless of fixing, she is also an author of Magnolia Table and a super best cook, which urged her to start her own restaurant & bakery. She even is a TV journalist and has her own show which got aired on HGTV in 2013.

Nevertheless, they don’t owe any television set in their home. She has over 60 animals in her 40 acres farm and she is adding more to it every day.

Speaking of her net worth she has an estimated amount of $8 million, while her salary per episode is $30,000 per episode.

Further, the mother of five is active in social media and has followers of 2.9 million on Face book account and 7.2 million followers in Instagram.

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