Is John Qreshi Married? His Bio, Age, Wife and Net worth

Is John Qreshi married? Yes, he is. A lot of people have various questions related to this coach’s personal life and his marital status. But not much has been known about his personal life like the professional one. The bestselling author and dealer believe in keeping his personal life absolutely under the rock in order to prevent unwanted controversies and different problems. There was a slight hint in one of his interviews that, he is married and has a kid with his wife. Not much has been known about his family including his wife and kid’s name.

Who is John Qreshi?

John Qreshi is a known name for a lot of people struggling with depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems. The healer and master coach of the Quantum Coach Center, John is known for spreading his wisdom absolutely free on various social media platforms like Instagram. The wonderful psychological and neural trainer has helped millions of people suffering from various disorders throughout the years all over the globe.

John Qreshi

Professional Life

John Qreshi as we all know is a brilliant healer and a bestselling book author who has been helping people to recover from their mental illness. Other than healing and treating mental illness, his foundation the Quantum Coach center also believes in spreading positivity through spiritual awakening and meditation. He has been not just confined to healing but also has expanded his horizon through writing books.

His bestselling book Rewriting your Sucess: The 20 most powerful secrets of successful people have taken the world by storm and remained in the bestselling books for more than 2 weeks. Other than that, philanthropy is what he believes in, and helping people through establishing their knowledge on various things like consumer behavior. John has been actively involved in various philanthropic and wellness societies in order to preserve and strongly present his word for mental peace and psychological health in a more better way.

Net worth

Talking about his net worth, John is not much vocal about his monetary possessions and keeps on advocating a simple life.  The vocalist of great consumer behavior is also a leading example of a simple living. John has dedicated his entire professional life towards the betterment of mentally challenged people. Even his book comes at an extremely low price of ninety cents. Thus, the discussion about his net worth should take a back seat and the precious works he has been doing should be highlighted even more.

Body Measurements

The master of spiritual awakening and healing has also been an advocate for body positivity and  love your body campaign. In today’s world where people judge you on the basis of physical appearance and hurt your self-esteem. This is one of the leading causes for hatred towards the self and harming in a mental way. People like John have always been on the mission to end such bodily discrimination. John who has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches which is considered short for a man, his confidence has been outstanding and should be a motivational factor for a lot of people.

John Qreshi Family Life

Well, John Qreshi is an American by birth and holds American citizenship. His parents were also American. It is believed that his father was a Muslim from an Arabic country who fell in love with an American woman and settled in America. Not much has been known about their names and other children.  John has also chosen to remain silent on the questions related to his wife and kid.

John Qreshi Image

John Qreshi Instagram @johnqreshi

John Qreshi is a well-known person on social media, especially on Instagram, where he is guiding a lot of people towards a happy life. This is the reason why he is followed by nearly a million people on his Instagram handle. The mental coach has posted 428 times and follows 324 people. Most of his Instagram content is targeted towards his people with some sorts of mental challenges, difficulties, and other psychological and neural problems. The link to his Instagram account is @johnqreshi.


The very profound healing personality, John as mentioned above has been quite vocal about a lot of things but it does not include his age and birth date. thus, there has not been any idea related to his age.

Quick Facts

Birth Name: John Qreshi

Date of Birth: N/A

Profession: Author, Motivational Speaker

Height: 5 feet and 5 inches

Net worth: US1.3 million (estimated)

Marital Status: Married

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