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Born as Ephraim Matsilela Sono, Jomo Sono is widely recognized for being the owner of South Africa football club. He is also a former star player and has served as a coach as well. He has been given several nicknames like “Black Prince of South African Soccer”, “Mjomana” and “Bra J”. Reviewing Jomo Sono’s biography, he was born on 17 July 1955, which makes his age be 63 as of now. He is named as the longest-serving coach in the South African Premier League and is also contributing as a board member of the League. In 2004, Sono was voted #49 on Top 100 Great South Africans. From his successful and unforgettable dedication towards the sports, he has retained rosters of fans, followers and well-wishers. Let’s explore in depth about Sono’s wiki below:

Early Life and Education

The former South African soccer player Sono was born in 1955 in the township of Orlando East in Soweto, near Johannesburg to the father named Eric “Scara” Bamuza Sono. His father was a midfielder playing for Orlando Pirates football team. When Jomo Sono was at the age of eight, his father died because of a car crash. He was raised up by his grandparents after being abandoned by his mother. His financial condition was very poor and used to sell fruits in order to clothes himself and support his grandparents. It is said that he used to earn money himself in order to pay school fees.

Despite all these personal and financial issues, Sono was keen on sports and was a hyperactive child. Once he was made to attend a match in absence of a player from the Orlando Pirates. His amazing football skills like dribbling, accurate passing made everyone impressed. Because of such great qualities, he was given the name Jomo meaning “burning spear”.

Career and Professional Life

Sono professional footballer career gets initiated as he started playing for Orlando Pirates. In 1977, he moved to the United States of America and started playing for the New York Cosmos. Football legend Pele was also the member of the team. Later he also played for another South African team and also for the Toronto Blizzard. He also loves to teach and therefore had taught youth at Clemson University Soccer Camp.

As Sono’s career terminated in the United States, he purchased the Highlands Park club in 1982 in South Africa. His club achieved numerous success and has also won the National Soccer League in 1987. Its other notable achievements include the Super Eight (2003), Cola Cola Cup (2002), Bobsave Super Bowl (1990), and much more. The club is renamed to Jomo Cosmos and has proven to be one of the top soccer teams from South Africa.

Personal Life

Jomo Sono is a married man who has been blessed with five children. One of his son named Bamuza Sono is a national; soccer player for the South African national football team. Jomo Sono and his wife must be proud of their successful children.

Body Measurements

The former South African football player Jomo Sono is blessed with an average height of 5 feet and 8 inches. As far as his weight is concerned, he weighs nearly 165 lbs. Even at this age, he is still active, follows the regualar workout and sports activities.

Salary and Net worth

The owner and former football player and coach Jomo Sono’s net worth is estime=ated to be few million dollars. He has a luxurious house and cars and has various properties accumulated from his massive volume of net worth.

Wiki and Facts

You can find Jomo Sono’s biography being mentioned on Wikipedia and other popular wiki sites. His official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page isn’t available.

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