Jorge Arantes Biography, Net worth, Age, Birthday, Today, Journalist and J.K. Rowling


Jorge Arantes is the former husband of famous British novelist, screenwriter and producer J.K. Rowling. His relationship with the renowned author has made Jorge grab attention from thousands of people.Some online sources have stated that Jorge Arantes is a Portuguese television journalist by profession but today he is not successful as he was earlier. Let’s explore in detail about Jorge Arantes wiki below:

Early Life and Education

Jorge Arantes was born in Portugal in 1967 but his exact birthday is not available. His mother name is Marilia Rodrigues. Considering his birth year, Arantes current age is 51. Talking about his education, he was the student of journalism as it was his passion from his very young age.


Career and Professional Life

Some online sources have mentioned that Arantes is a journalist by profession. However, what much amount he earns and what he is exactly doing is the matter to be disclosed. He lost his job because of drug-addiction and often has been rumored to be involved in stealing family heirlooms and jewelry so that he could take drugs. However, he is said to be out of the drug addiction today.

Talking about his former wife Joanne Rowling AKA J.K Rowling AKA Robert Galbraith is a renowned face in the field of English literature. The author shares an inspiring story and is best known for being the writer of Harry Potter fantasy series which have earned numerous nominations, awards and titles of best-selling books. As of today, more than 400 million copies of the book has already been sold making an amazing record.

Personal Life

Jorge Arantes was married to Rowling on 16 October 1992. So, how did the couple met and from where their romantic love life started and ended? When Rowling had to move to Porto, Portugal for an advertisement to teach English. During those days, Rowling used to spent her daytime by teaching and used her creativity at the night time with her pen. After one and half year being in Portugal, she met Austen in a bar. They became close and finally started dating each other. It is said that Austen proposed Rowling which she happily accepted. Finally, their wedding was organized in late 1992. From their conjugal life, the couple became blessed with a daughter named Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes. They welcomed their first child on 27 July 1993 and named her after Jessica Mitford. Before giving birth to her daughter, J.K. Rowling has suffered a miscarriage as well.

The wedded life of Jorge Arantes and J.K Rowling was not going well and there were quarrels and disputes between the husband and wife. Some online sources state that Rowling has to suffer from domestic violence from her husband Arantes. Finally, the Arantes and Rowling separated on 17 November 1993, while their child was of four-month only. After getting separated, Rowling and daughter Jessica went to Edinburgh, Scotland. Jorge Arantes followed his wife and daughter and came to Scotland but his effort became useless as J.K. Rowling obtained Order of Restraint. This made Arantes move back to his country back to his own world.

The main reason behind their separation is the violence of Arantes. However, Arantes was not ready for the divorce neither he was interested in the money earned by his former wife. In an interview, he stated that he wants to see his daughter Jessica again whom he misses very much.

Body Measurements

Jorge Arantes height, weight and other physical measurement facts are not disclosed yet. However, the measurement details of his former wife Rowling is clearly available where her height is said to be 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Salary and Net worth

Jorge Arantes net worth is still under review. Talking about his wealth, he has a small apartment located in the Paris suburb of Clichy where he resides with his brother. His brother name is Justino who is a travel agent by profession. His former wife Rowling has a net worth of 700 million USD.

Wiki and Facts

Very fewer facts are available about journalist Arantes. Seems like, he is not interested in wasting time in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as he is not much active over there.

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