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Jp Sears is an American YouTuber, comedian, and life coach, and businessman. He is famous online as an AwakenwithJp. To know more about Youtuber Jp Sears stay to end. 

Early life and educational background of Jp

Jp Sears was born in 1981 in the United States. His birth name is Jonathan Sears and every year he celebrates his birthday on April 12.  He was raised in Northwestern Ohio with his sister and parents. Later when he was 23 he moved to California, then, he moved around from place to place.

His mother was Catholic but Jp doesn’t follow any religion. His father was an atheist who brought his family to the balance. Her mother wanted to raise him and her sister as Catholic to please her parent but it didn’t work out. Jp needs to care for his sister since childhood cause his parent got divorced.   

Career and professional life of Jp

Talking about the career and professional life of Jp Sears, he is a multi-talented person which led him to be successful in different career paths. As of 2021, Sears has 1.84M subscribers on its Youtube channel.   

Comedian: Jp Sears is responsible to make laugh people through his comedy videos on Youtube. He started to walk to the comedy path in 2014 when he changed the tone of his video from serious life coaching to satirical life coaching. Which was effective and he got millions of fans and followers. In 2015 his video name ‘How to become Gluten Intolerant’ was the most viewed video. As of 2021, the video has 11 million views. He gave a TEDx talk at Cardiff-by-the-Sea named ‘Saying Yes! To your Weirdness’. The video was uploaded on the TEDx Talks Youtube channel. Besides that, he publishes a 2017 satirical book titled ‘How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12-1/1 Steps to Spiritual Superiority.   

Life Coach: Jp Sears started his career life as a professional life coach when he moved from Ohio to San Deigo, California in 2004. Before that, he appeared on youtube as run the website named From 2013 Sears start uploading videos on his Youtube channel providing advice on amazing topics like anger management and self-actualization.

Sears explains in the interview with the Naples Daily News that, he uses comedy to share ‘sincere life advise’ and balances ‘the sincere and the satirical’ while swearing off the concept that ‘you’re wither serious, like Deepak Chopra, or you’re only joking around like a comedian.  He refuses to be classified as either ‘humorous’ and ‘sincere’. In this context, he says that e’s both, and the ground of question is like asking ‘do you have a right hand or do you have a left hand?’. According to Jp Sears, all of his satire is created from the aspects of his own life. 

From 2002 to 2012 Jp was also the owner of a health club called Holistic Health and Fitness. From 2006 to 2012, he was a department member of the C.H.E.K Institute where he met one of his mentors (founder of the institute). 

Personal life of Jp

Jp Sears is a loyal married man. He was married to Amber Zuckswert now Amber Sears. They tie the knot on 2018 June 2. It was an outdoor wedding with close friends and families from Canada and States to appear on the big day. You can see their beautiful wedding video on his Youtube channel. Amber Sears is a holistic business coach, she helps leaders to build their businesses.

In 2020 January 1 the coupe announces o their pregnancy plans. At the end of the year, they welcome the first kid as a baby boy. Son of Jp Sears was not born in a hospital while Amber gave birth in the house.   

Height, weight, and body measurement of Jp

In need, Jp is tall, handsome, and charming but there is no information about his height, weight, and body measurement. We’ll update you soon about it. 

Net worth and salary of Jp

Moving toward the net worth and salary of Jp Sears, he is a very busybody.  He is a Youtuber, life coach, comedian, and businessman. As for his net worth, the estimated value is over a million dollars. From his Youtube career, the expected amount is between $17k to $272.7k annually. 


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