Is Julianna Farrait Still Alive? Her Wiki, Age, Net worth, Husband (Frank Lucas)

Julianna Farrait is the widow of Frank Lucas (September 9, 1930 – May 30, 2019). Her late husband was convicted of drug trafficking and was known for cutting out middlemen in trading the drugs defines as illegal in the country. Lucas was sentenced to 70 years in prison, but later he was placed in the Witness Protection Prgram after accepting to serve as an informant. Herr husband was released in 1991 and died in the year 2019.

Being the wife of Frank Lucas, Julianna Farrait has frequently been covered and mentioned by media outlets. Here, the question frequently arises, is she still alive. If yes, where is she now. This article is all about Farrait and her mysterious life.

How old is Julianna Farrait?

Julianna Farrait was born in 1941 which makes her age be 81 years old as of 2022.

Was Julianna Farrait also Convictd?

Farrait was also accused and convicted in being involved in her partner’s criminal enterprise. She was Lucas patner in crime and personal life as well. For this, she was sent to prison for five years. After being released from the prison, she lived separately from her husband. They were able to reconcile and restart their love life again. They spent more than 4 decades together.

Julianna Farrait Rodriguez with her late husband Frank Lucas

Where is Julianna Farrait?

Also named as Julie Farrait, she has been out of the media and her current situation is not known. Her husband died on May 30, 2019, at the age of 88 in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. In his last years, he met with a car accident confininf to a wheelchair after broking his legs.

About her Late Husband

Her late husband Lucas was born in 1930 in La, Grange, North Carolina. He spent most of his early days Greensboro, North Carolina. He witnessed the murder of his 12-year-old cousin which embarked on a life of crime. He then began involving in small crimes. He worked under the Crime Boss Bompy Johnson including being his driver. After Johnson’s death, Lucas planned of breaking Italian Mafia’s monopoly in New York.

He then began drug trafficking during which he used to trust limited people including close friends and trusted relatives. He secured huge profit margi  from illegal trade after which he started acquiring properties all over the country. His properties included apartments in Los Angeles and Miami as well as office building in Detroit. However, the ultimate truth is nothing wrong can exist forever. Lucas was arrested and was proven guilty.

Julianna Farrait Net worth

As pr the estimation, Julie Farrait has an estimated net worth of US$1.5 million. She has mostly been popular for her personal relationship with Frank Lucas.

Wikipedia and Social Media

The biography of Julie Farrait, is prepared by fewer wiki sites and is missing from Wikipedia. However, her late husband’s wiki is provided on Wikipedia. Julianna is not active on social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez on American Gangster

Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez’s character was also the inspiration for the American biographical crime film based on the criminal career of her better half, Lucas. Actor Denzel Washington portrayed the role of her husband. She inspired the character “Eva”‘ in the movie which was portrayed by Puerto Rican actress Lymari Nadal.

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