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Star bling & Glam of Hollywood, forever urge the star to maintain their stardom. The ones who can keep that charm alive through their skills, just keep on following the same pattern while the ones who want to be a distinct star on the universe land themselves in more of controversial scenarios. Hip-hop artist cum rapper cum blogger Kat Stacks, known for her infamous loud mouth raps by stirring controversies with several rappers like Nelly & Bow Wow has often landed herself in diluted situations where she has been back lashed and a same time like by her die heart fan followers.

Again, after storm of battle with other rappers, Kat got trapped in the rumor of pregnancy. Yes, Kat Stacks pregnant with an unknown father. The news did leave her fans aghast and breathless, to be more precise, her fans rummaged all her past & previous history and involvement but unfortunately, they were left with empty hands. So, today we will find out more about the pregnancy news, husband, age and wiki.

Pregnancy news swirling & twirling on media, who is the father of unborn child?

For those who are unaware, back in 2010, Kat had already embraced the parenthood. She had given birth to a son, with one of her pimps while working as a rapper. On 2013 April 4, she accepted on sleeping with random men and publicizing her phone numbers. She also confronted that, beside working as pimp rappers and walking on World Star, she was left with no road of escapism from getting thrashed by casual pimps.

Miami Times on 2014 January 9 stated Prince to be Kat’s boyfriend and alleged him to be the father of her son T.J born on 2012 November 26. Kat disclosed no further details about the biological father of her child. However, she is said to have conceive a child at a tender age of 19. But through social media on 2015, she shared her family vacation picture with her son and an unknown man at Trinidad Venezuela.

Though we came across several pictures of her son, we didn’t find any pictures of her getting betrothed to any man. However, Kat and Shanod Johnson, the promoter of HNIC entertainment were spotted together several sites but none of their hush hush relationships were leaked in the air, nor were they spotted in any awkward situations.

Even at the age of 28, Kat is still a lone parent. She has been taking care of her only son without a husband, selflessly without any helping hands. She has been enjoying her sound career as a rapper but there is no story of her hitching with another man from the same industry.

History with sweet & sour memory for Kat followers!

There is always a reason when people act strange and showcase behavior which are unacceptable. While flipping the pages backward of Kat’s life, few stories confronted us, where the scenario would totally shake any random women.

Kat had a very tough childhood and a tougher teenage, for at a young age of 14, where most of the children went to schools to receive quality education, she become a prostitute. In 19 years, she broke the barrier and left prostitution. But her health was not in stable situation due to unsafe sex, alcohol and drugs.

Beside getting involved in prostitution, Kat is reported to have leaked her own explicit video, with some of famous clients like Gucci Man, Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy.  Because of her extreme controversies she had received orders for deportation.

But after her child was born, she started taking care of herself and today, from thrashy history and dark life, she has become a loving mother and a beautiful strong woman with a weight of 70kg, height of 5’9 embracing the styles and fashion of 20’s.

Bio & Wikipedia of Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks, an American Socialite was born in November 1989, Venezuela. She became a victim of sexual abuse in the age of 12, which urged her to work as prostitution from 14 to 19 years of age. Alongside her publicize physical tape with famous celeb, she ventured into Hip Hop profession which became a downturn in her life. After that, she started her own You Tube channel which grabbed million of viewers and subscribers to her channel. Her hip hop slanders though were entertained by her fans, but rappers whom she made of attacked her physically. Her YouTube channel and blogs are the only source of income, filling her needs.

At presently she resides in LA with her son, but her family information is privately tucked in. As for 2018, she has accumulated estimated net worth of 2,00,000 dollars while her annual salary is estimated to be $30,000. She is also the author of “Becoming Kat Stacks”, which made her gain massive number of followers.  Kat has become a renowned face for immigrants, who are seeking right to stay in America.

Regardless of net worth, Kat has become an internet personality in both Instagram and Twitter with a combined follower of 450,000. Kat is a huge fan of Niki Minaj and loves tattoo therefore we see some glimpse of Niki Minaj on her regular style.

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