Kelle Kim Accusation over Dan got confirm by the show host

In this week’s episode of “Survivor: Island of the Idols”  contestant found the  Hollywood Talent Manager and partner at Industry Entertainment, Dan Spilo misbehaving with Kelle Kim. The 39th episode of CBS competitions, back to back airing included conversation about social movements (#METOO MOVEMENT). Talent Manager’s behavior got spill out into the show at the Tribal Council, interrupting the functioning of the production team.

Caption: Kelle Kim accuses Dan of inappropriate behavior in the show of Survivor: Islands of the Idols, 2019, November 14. (

When at Tribal Council, Kelle Kim dared and opened up to the entire cast about her discomfort to be around Dan. She told the team about Dan’s behavior towards her-How he inappropriately misuses her personal space and acts too clingy over her. The situation escalated when Missy Brdy and Elizabeth Beisel plotted a scenario against Dan. This favored the immediate scenic- creator as a result of which Janet Carbin supported the women and went against Dan. However, Dan is still on the show and the production team has left him with an official warning.

On Wednesday’s episode, we can see Spilo asking for forgiveness for all his “UN-admirable “acts. The host for the show Jeff Probst confirmed the allegation and stated that the video has caught numerous inappropriate acts of Spilo.

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