Is Kellie Chauvin Black? Bio, Age, Husband, Ethnicity, Family Picture

Kellie Chauvin, the winner of “Mrs. Minnesota” beauty pageant was in the limelight when her husband Derek Michael Chauvin (born on March 19, 1976) was convicted of the murder of George Floyd. Her husband pled guilty violating Floyd’s civil rights ignoring Floyd’s serious medical needs and using unreasonable force. The incident has raised questions on public mind about Kellie Chauvin where people are curious to explore her biography, age, current relationship status, maiden name as well as her family background and picture. So, let’s find all the information about the former beauty pageant winner below:

Who is Kellie Chauvin?

The ex-wife of Derek Chauvin, Kellie is a real estate agent by profession, Further, she is also a professional photographer. She is a hardworking lady and has always been dedicated towards her professional journey. She is also the winner of 2018 “Mrs. Minnesota” beauty pageant. Many more people came to recognize her after the murder of George Perry Floyd.

Why did Kellie Chauvin leave Derek Chauvin?

Kellie decided to leave her husband following the George Floyd, a black man murder. When the African-American man died on her husband’s custody on May 25, 2020, Kellie filed for a divorce few days later. She filed for a divorce May 30 citing “an irretrievable breakdown” in Stillwater, Minnesota. As per her lawyer, she was “devastated” by Floyd’s death and she expressed her sympathy with Floyd’s family, loved ones and everyone grieving the tragedy.

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What ethnicity is Kellie Chauvin? Is she black?

Moving towards Kellie Chauvin’s ethnicity, she belongs to Hmong descent. She doesn’t belong to the Black community. She has spent most of her childhood days as a refugee with her family. Her family moved to Thailand from Laos in 1977 during which she was just 3 years old. Her family resided in Thailand in a refugee camp until 1980. Finally, the family moved to the United States and settled in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Early Life and Education

Kellie has a struggling phase in her early age where she remained refugee for most of her early childhood days. Because of different looks and ethnicity, she was bullied by other children. They used to take her as a ugly girl and make jokes on her. She started attending kindergarten in 1984. One of her best friends was her own brother named Tou Thao. Many of her classmates bullied her following her bad English pronunciation. However, she was able to overcome such issues and focused on her academic studies. She has earned her degree majoring in Radiology.

is Kellie Chauvin married?

No, she isn’t. Her divorce with Derek was finalized in the month of February, 2021. She is happily residing with her two children from her first marriage. Her first husband’s name is Kujay Xiong.

how old is Kellie Chauvin

Kellie Chauvin was born on October 21, 1974, which makes her age be 28 years old as of 2022. Her place of birth is in Laos.

How tall is Kellie Chauvin?

The beauty pageant winner Kellie Chauvin stands at a tall height above 5 feet and 6 inches. She has a well-shaped maintained physique and ensures her fitness through regular fitness and workout activities.

How long were Kellie and Derek married?

Kellie and Derek Chauvin were married in 2010. They met when Kellie was a radiologist at a local hospital. They came to know each other when Derek dropped off a suspect at a Minneapolis hospital. Their relationship came to end in May 2020, which means they were married for 10 years.

Where is Kellie Chauvin from?

She is from Vientiane, Laos and moved to Thailand as a refugee and now an American.

who is Kellie Chauvin brother?

Kellie’s brother is Tou Thao.

is Kellie Chauvin a doctor?

No, she isn’t a doctor.

is Kellie Chauvin a radiologist?

Yes, Kellie Chauvin is a radiologist by profession on which she has earned a degree as well.

First Husband

Her first husband is Kujay Xiong with whom she was married at the age of 17. From their relationship, they were blessed with two children together. Their marriage was arranged marriage as mostly Hmong community entered into marriage before 20. She had to face domestic abuse which made her got divorce in the young age.

After getting divorced, she moved to Minnesota where she obtained an associate’s degree in radiology. She interned at Hennepin County Medical Center where she was later hired as an employee.

Where does Kellie Chauvin live?

According to her Facebook profile, she currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United. She is currently working at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

Wikipedia and Instagram

The biography of Kellie Chauvin is prepared by fewer wiki sites and is still missing from Wikipedia. She is the Miss Minnesota 2019. Her verified social networking accounts like Instagram and Twitter aren’t available.

Quick Facts

Birth Name: Kellie Thao (where ‘Thao’ is her maiden name)

Date of Birth: October 21, 1974

Place of Birth: Vientiane, Laos

Profession: Radiologist

Nationality: American

Marital Status: Divorced

Ex-husbands: Kujay Xiong, Derek Chauvin

Children: 2 (with Kujay Xiong)

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