Krystal Neilson & Chris Randone, gets married in Puerto Vallarta!

Congratulation to 31 years old American fitness guru Krystal Neilson and American television reality star Chris Randone.

The lovebirds tied their knot on   16th June 2019 at  Vidanta Hotel in Puerto Vallarta and the wedding was supervised by  Chris Harrison.

Sweethearts had married after a few years of dating. Their engagement was held on Bachelor in Paradise last June where they exchanged vows in front of fellow Bachelor Nation alum.

After the engagement, Neilson shred a photo of her and her new hobby holding each other  and she captioned to a photo; “ONE YEAR AGO I met my bestie and future hubby!!” ” Remember to ALWAYS take chances in your life because you never know WHAT COULD’VE BEEN. ️ 🥂 ️#oneyearanniversary #glittergoose #iloveyou.”

Neilson and Randone uncovered the beginning of their relation. The couple went to dates with (Kenny King and Tia Booth) respectively who are also the cast members of  Paradise. Later after spending some time together in San Diego, their relationship has a positive change and dig the seed of love in their heart.

Later Randone said to his fan followers

“I was very thick-skinned and hard-shelled when I got to Paradise. I was not myself. I was trying to act like this tough guy, that I had an ego.”

He continued,

“she pulled me aside and said, You need to be more self-aware or you’re going to lose friendships here and you’re going to lose me.’ I realized that this woman came out of nowhere to give me direction. I felt it from her heart and I realized that if I don’t change now and be vulnerable, I’m going to lose this incredible woman.”

Recently Neilson shared another photo with her husband at their backside we can see the beautiful scenario.

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