Is Lika Osipova Married? Her Bio, Age, Husband and Instagram

Is LiKa Osipova married? No, she isn’t. She is currently residing in the United States with her partner in a live-in relationship but has not tied the knot yet. Lika has been dating her boyfriend for a couple of years and they both make a lovely duo. Other than that nothing more is known about Lika’s relationship status. She along with her boyfriend are seen sharing some cozy and extremely romantic moments together in the Instagram stories she posts once in a while. Those Instagram stories are the only clues one can get about her romanticizing personal life.

Who is Lika Osipova?

LiKa Osipova is a famous Russian TV and film actress, profound model, producer, and businesswoman. Known for her excellent appearance on various shoots and brilliant acting skills on the screen. People have not only enjoyed her brilliant acting skill but also resonated with each and every dialogue of hers and lived every expression together. She has also tried spinning several plates in the air at the same time with a couple of risky business ventures and succeeded in all of them. LIka Osipovca is a role model for each and every female out there who fears taking risks.

Lika Osipova Image

Age and Origin

The model currently based on the United States originally hails from Russia. She was born on 30th September 1986 in Russia. She was brought up by both of her parents along with her other siblings in Moscow. Lika is a believer in Christianity and binds all of her faith towards Jesus. according to the bio, Lika’s age is 35 in 2021, but this model keeps defying age and seems like she is literally aging backward and running to meet up herself with one of the early 20s.

Professional Life

Lika Osipova was just 13 when she got her first modeling assignment after being spotted by a modeling agent at a shopping mall while shopping for groceries with her mother. She loved dancing and acting thus, did not want to take the offer straight. But then agreed as she thought it to be the entrance gate to the glamour world. After getting recognized in Russia, she shifted the base of her career to the United States.

There she acted in TV series like Bandana Chronicles, Tha Shape, and Sound, Whitey, and Alternative. She has walked the ramp floor for various world-class designers. Covering the magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Brunch, she has been continuing as a modeling diva too. Other than that, she has founded her own beauty pageant titled Miss Russian USA and Miss Russian LA.

Height and Weight

Lika has an amazing body with great features. The model is extremely tall, hourglass-shaped, and a little bit on the curvier side. Other than that, Lika also has prominent facial features and fascinating charm. The model’s height is around 5 feet 11 inches and she weighs around 61 Kilos. Her dress plus shoe sizes are 4 and 10 US respectively with a bodily measurement of 36-27-36 inches.  Lika has a fair skin tone with higher cheekbones, a slim nose, big beautiful, and bright eyes. Her hair is of dark brown color and her eyes are of hazel color n naturally but she is often seen using lenses of various colors.

Lika Osipova Net worth

Lika is a self-made woman with a middle-class backdrop. What stands out must in this case is that how she made her multi-million dollar empire from the scratches. This model’s net worth is 2 million US dollars with an annual earning ranging from 300 to 600k US dollars. Lika is a smart investor and her skills have shined brightly in the last couple of years. Other than her foundation, LIka owns a beautiful house in California and a couple of luxury rides.

Social Media Handles

The famous model is fond of social networking sites especially Instagram. There she has garnered over 573k followers. On her official, Facebook page, she is followed by 300k people. She also has her own youtube channel subscribed by 1k people. The link to her various social accounts is as follows.

Lika’s facebook; @lika.osipova

Lika’s Instagram: @likaosipova

Lika’s YouTube: Link

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