Lori harder Net Worth, is she Married? Her Bio, Age, Book, Podcast

What is Lori Harder Net worth? Is Lori Harder married?

Yes, she is. Her husband’s name is Chris Harder. He is an author, podcast host, investor, business coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneurial coach and philanthropist. Lori and Chris Harder got married on August 26, 2005. The couple is together in their professional journey and the interesting this is that both of them are podcast hosts.

Who is Lori Harder?

Lori Harder was born on December 6, 1980, which makes her age be 41 years old as of 2021. By profession, she is an American podcast host, fitness expert, author, cover model and author. One of her biggest professional achievements includes being a three-time fitness world champion. She is appreciated for promoting practical tools that have been helping people grab financial success, sustainable health and spiritual well-being.

Lori has been a role model to thousands of people who have changed their lives, empower their minds, transform their bodies, connect with their souls and loves themselves through her effective books, programs and innovative coaching techniques. To date, she has already appeared in popular magazines like STRONG Fitness Magazine, Prosper Magazine, Oxygen Magazine and Health & Fitness Magazine. In addition to magazines, Lori has also been featured on FOX, NBC and TLC Networks.

Chris Harder with his wife Lori

Early Life and Education

Lori was born and raised in the tiny town of Marquette, Michigan. As a child, she was overweight coming from an overweight family. Most of her classmates used to tease her because of her weight and religion. She went through anxiety and full-on panic attacks and later she was homeschooled when she reached high school level. Because of her religion and family’s opposition, she was not able to join sports and participate in various extra-curricualr activities.

To maintain her weight, she started dieting and exercising mainly in her own home. She was not happy with her physical appearance and self-love was always lacking inside her. She decided to take a huge step that would not limit her to being locked inside a room. She got inspired by a fitness competition that she watched from her Tevelvision where beautiful women from the fitness industry presented superhero-like acts on stage. She wished if she could appear like those participants and become a role model to inspire other women like her.

Finally, she decided to make her entry to the field where her first step was begging her mother to purchase fitness magazines. After this, she take a gym membership through which she experienced a change in her physical appearance boosting her confidence level. She explores that there are multiple opportunities in her life and is the driver of herself who could control her own life. From this day, she has dedicated for more than two decades where she has been educating in the field of fitness and nutritional plan.

Lori Harder with he husband Chris Harder

She has always been an avid learner and has developed multiple curiosities in the last decade. With her continuous learning habits, she has learned a heck of a lot about empowerment, self-love, relationship, protecting energy and utilizing limited resources in the most effective manner. With her enthusiasm and support of her spouse, the couple has been successfully running multiple 7-figure businesses.


Lori Harder has been hosting the Earn Your Happy podcast since early 2017 which has been rated the 11 Forbes entrepreneur and personal development podcast.


The multi-talented self-love expert and creator of the Earn Your Happy podcast is the author of various bestselling books like A Tribe Called Bliss. The book is useful to change an introverted, anxiety-ridden and unhealthy to a highly confident woman who feels easy in taking risks and coming out of her comfort zone. Lori has also authored a book titled Success University for Women.

Career and Professional Life

Lori Harder is a speaker, trainer, and consultant with expertise in fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. As an entrepreneur and network marketing professional, she has built two multi-million dollar businesses. The three-time fitness world champion and author offers practical tools designed to promote spiritual health, financial independence, and healthy living. She has authored books, created coaching programs, and helped countless individuals find their souls, transform their bodies, empower their minds, become financially independent, and gain an entirely new outlook on life.

In addition to assisting dozens of people to achieve six-figure incomes through her network marketing business (Isagenix), Lori has also helped hundreds of people start their own home businesses. Thousand of women have taken Lori’s human potential retreat and online course, The Bliss Habit, crafted from her passion for women’s empowerment.

Lori Harder

Wikipedia and Social Networking Accounts

The biography of self-love expert Lori harder’s biography is prepared by various wiki sites but is missing from Wikipedia now, Her Instagram account is reachable @loriharder where she is being followed by more than 231k followers. Find her on Twitter @loriharder where she has amassed over 15k followers. Her official verified Facebook page is available @LoriHarderTribe.

How Much is the Net worth of Lori and Chris Harder?

The self-made millionaire couple Chris and Lori Harder has an estimated net worth of US$7.11 million. SHe has operated multiple business ventures and her net worth has also been contributed by her modeling, authoring and speaking roles.

Interesting Facts about Chris and Lori Harder

The couple met at a gym for the first time and fitness has been always their mutual interest.

Both of them were introverted and used to spend being silent in a room for more than an hour. The couple has managed to overcome such issues together.

Chris and Lori are both huge dreamers and their relationship is mostly based on talking about careers and making their dream come true.

The beautiful pair has been walking 3-6 miles a day for nearly two decades.

Lori’s Quick Facts

Date of Birth: December 6, 1980

Place of Birth: Marquette, Michigan

Profession: Author, Oxygen/Strong/Health and Fitness Cover Model, Fitness expert, Transformational Speaker and Self-love Specialist

Marital Status: Married

Wedding Date: August 26, 2005

Husband/ Boyfriend: Chris Harder

Children: N/A

Net worth: US$7.11 million (estimated)

Website: www.loriharder.com

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