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Mama Rug whose real name is Sana Awadis is popular for being a YouTube personality. Her videos are mainly family-based which are interesting to watch. Some of her videos show the effects and consequences of bullying to children. Being the part of some crazy prank videos, she has received huge attention from the viewers. Mama Rug is most recognized for being the family member of Awadis family. She is the wife of Papa Rug whose real name is Ron Awadis. Her two sons named Brian Awadis AKA FaZe Rug and Brandon Awadis AKA Brawadis are too popular YouTuber. You won’t believe that Mama Rug amassed more than 100k subscribers within 2 days of creating her YouTube channel as she was popular before creating her own profile on YouTube. Let’s explore in detail about Mama Rug’s wiki below:



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Early Life and Education

Sana Awadis was born in Iraq on January 12, 1969. Considering her birthday, she is at the age of 49 years as of 2018. She grew up in Iraq as Iraqis by nationality. She has a sister who got married to Ron Awadis’s elder brother.


Career and Professional Life

Sana Awadis is a YouTube personality and a popular internet sensation. After being into the limelight, she started her own YouTube Channel on the day of Mama Rug’s 48th birthday i.e. on January 12, 2017. The channel is named ‘Mama Rug & Papa Rug’ and has already amassed more than 900k subscribers.


So, how did Mama Rug develop an interest in joining the internet world? The credit goes to her two sons who were already established and insisted their mother join YouTube like they did. After joining the YouTube, she found that her sons were subjected to bullying and therefore she started creating the contents that are concerned with kids who got a victim of bullying causing the lack of self-confidence in them. She said that people start bullying others when they get jealous of somebody’s fame and success.


She talked about people’s attitude by expressing her concern towards the car incident of her son Brian where some of the haters badly stoned and smashed his car. She was even criticized for not having her own fan-following and most of her subscribers were her son’s subscribers. In return, she gracefully replied that she is happy and proud to owe her success to her son. In one of her videos, she expressed thanks to all those fans who showed love and affection towards her.



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Sana Awadis faced certain criticism that her subscribers were those who were the fans of her sons. In response to such criticism, Mama Rug responded that she is happy to become more successful because of her sons. The way she handled herself on YouTube was admired by many and this gave her number of subscribers. Awadis later posted a video where she was thankful to all those people showering support, love and affection on her.


Later, she developed an interest in making prank videos which are worthwhile watching because of its crazy and hilarious nature. She made some videos where Sana Awadis was trying to make the tallest and biggest pizza and making a try to have extremely spicy food and so on. In addition to them, she loves cooking and has also provided some recipes in her videos.


Personal Life

Mama Rug is married to Ron Awadis AKA Papa Rug. According to some wiki sites, she got married to him in 1987 at the age of 23. She moved to San Diego, the United States of America. She loves her family and her favorite is Mexican food. She is a coffee lover. As of now, her nationality is American.


Body Measurements

The height of Mama Rug is 5 feet and 8 inches. Her eyes and hair are of dark-brown colored. Other body measurement details of Awadis are not available.



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Salary and Net worth

Awadis makes an impressive amount of money from her YouTube channel. In compared to other members of her family, she uploads videos comparatively less. The family’s properties like cars, house and their lavish lifestyle show that the Awadi’s family has garnered a jaw-dropping amount of net worth.


Wiki and Facts

Awadis profile is not available in Wikipedia as of now. She is now an internet sensation with around millions of subscribers. Her Instagram profile is available at @/mama.rug where Awadis has retained more than 300k followers. Similarly, her Twitter profile is available @realmamarug. Sana Awadis currently resides in California. 

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