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In the world of technology plus internet, YouTube has been the part of our life and Marques Brownlee is associated with it. He is quite popular by his YouTube username, MKBHD and for his channel which came from Marques’ initials MKB plus HD (for High Definition). He is an American YouTube personality and tech blogger, also known for his technology-focused videos. Marques was born on December 3, 1993, in Maplewood, New Jersey, USA, making his age 24 in 2017. The child of Jeannine and Marlon Brownlee, Marques was raised in Maplewood with his sister, Simone. He carries black ethnicity and holds American nationality. Brownlee joined Columbia High School and studied marketing at Stevens Institute of Technology. As a student of business and information technology, he graduated from college in May 2015. He owns a Tesla Model SP100D and uses RED video equipment for his videos. Apart from videos, he loves to play golf and used to be a professional ultimate Frisbee player for the Philadelphia Spinners.

Bio and wiki

Marques started his career by joining YouTube on March 21, 2008, as a hobby at the age of 15. His bio and wiki are very inspiring for this generation’s kids. According to his wiki, his channel has over 5 million subscribers and 745 million plus total video views. In 2009, he was still in high school and started to upload technology videos about new products, or surveys of them through officially claim. At the beginning, his videos were casting on the screen where he would post an image and simply discuss it. Then he reacted to the demands of the viewers and did what they would like to watch. His initial several hundred recordings were primarily hardware instructional exercises and freeware. Later, he was hired by many companies to demonstrate their paid software and hardware. But he just examines the items that are important to the people of technology and innovation lovers. Brownlee is busy in demonstrating and talking about the new gadgets also responding to his audience’s feedback. He is famous for his reviews about smartphones, LG G Flex, iPhone 6 and Mac Book Pro 2016. Due to the immense popularity of his video for 4.1-inch iPhone 6 front glass component, uploaded on July 7, 2014, it was featured on sites like The Verge, Forbes Tech, CNET, HuffPost Tech and Time Magazine. Marques has also the experience of the interview with various personalities of the technology sector. He uploaded his interview with Kobe Bryant, a professional NBA basketball player titled Talking Tech with Kobe Bryant! Talking about his Tech interest along with the most recent Kobe designed Nike shoes. Brownlee was called as “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now” by Vic Gundotra, former Senior Vice President, and Social for Google in 2013.


The net star has really struggled to make MKBHD, one of the highest YouTube channels of ‘Tech-based’. He has skills to convince and allure the viewers to follow latest gadgets available in the market. His innovation, skill and hard work; collectively helped him to earn name and fame. Brownlee’s monthly income is expected to be $25,000-$40,000 with the net worth of $1.9 million. So, he lives high-profile life and rents the studio in Kearny, New Jersey.

Personal life

6 ft 3 in tall, Marques, who occasionally features the Tesla Model SP100D in his channel was previously on now-folded New Jersey Hammerheads. That’s one team belonging to the American Ultimate Disc League and the New York Rumble, a part of Major League Ultimate. There is not much information about his private life and love affairs.

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