Is Maryam Matti Married? Her Bio, Age, Husband, Height and Net worth

Is Maryam Matti married? Yes, she is. Her husband’s name is Josef Rakich (born on November 9, 1980), a fitness trainer who has transformed the lives of more than 150,000 people around the globe. The couple celebrated their wedding on 9 April 2021. Both Matti and Rakich confirmed their marital status through their social media handles. Our audiences can explore more interesting personal facts and biography of Matti:


Who is Maryam Matti?

Born as Maryam Matti, she landed on the planet on March 16, 1989, which makes his age be 32 years old as of 2021. By profession, she is a Kiwi Instagram Star and blogger. Her contents are mostly based on beauty, life, fitness and faith. She has a huge fan following on Instagram with over 116k followers.


Maryam Matti Image


Early Life and Educational Background of Matti

Matti was born in 1989 and her place of birth is in Iraq. When she was six years old, her entire family arrived in New Zealand. The family decided to settle in Auckland’s North Shore. Regarding her education and academic achievements, Matti was enrolled at Birkenhead College. For her higher education, she attended the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) where she studied subjects like Public Relation, Journalism and Media.


Maryam Matti’s Professional Life

Maryam Matti is related to the fitness industry and has allocated time for a business that focuses on transforming bodies and lives. She has been assisting her husband in his fitness and nutrition programs. She is one of the luckiest women who has found the working environment that suits her interest and passion. She has been helping people from different corners of the world in their journey towards a healthy, fit and toned body.


Personal Life: Maryam Matti’s Married Life

Maryam Matti is one of the luckiest women who has found the most romantic man as her better half. She had a grand proposal by Josef Rakich at New Zealand’s largest stadium- Eden Park where the pair arrived by helicopter. They exchanged their vows on 9 April 2021. The fitness couple is not in hurry in expanding their family life by welcoming their first child early.


Body Measurements

Famous Instagram star Maryam Matti has a successful body transformation story. She was struggling with the overweight issue for a decade. She used to get into trouble with diet plans and fitness routine, however, she has managed to overcome her issues. Now, she is the famous fitness influencer who is assisting her husband in transforming the lives of thousands of people.


Maryam Matti with her husband


What is the Net worth of Maryam Matti?

Maryam Matti has an estimated net worth of US$1.7 million. She has been jointly working together with her partner as a blogger and Team JRF. She is experiencing a luxurious life with branded life including a Lamborghini car in her house.


Wiki and Facts

The biography of Maryam Matti Rakich is prepared by various wiki sites excluding Wikipedia and IMDb. She has been running two Instagram accounts @maryammattii and @mimimattii where she has amassed more than 116k and 12k followers respectively.



Before a decade, Maryam Matti went through physical issues including overweight and overwrought. She has proven her hard work and now she is physically transformed and is blessed with a toned body. She has been working as a team member of JRF (Josef Rakich Fitness) inspiring people to reach their optimum potentials.


Quick Facts

Birth Name: Maryam Matti

Date of Birth: March 16, 1989

Place of Birth: Iraq

Parents Name: N/A

Profession: Blogger, Fitness Enthusiasts

Height: Above 5 feet and 4 inches

Weight: N/A

Net Worth: US$1.7 million (estimated)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Married

Spouse/ Boyfriend: Josef Rakich

Wedding Date: 9 April 2021

Children: Not yet

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