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Being an ordinary child of an average class family, we tentatively face loads of issues including generation gaps, school works, bad wreck friends, stern teachers, bullies, the list is too long to demonstrate any exact problems every child go through.

With so many problems going through daily schedule, every average child desire to live in a legendary celeb child’s life. May be the glam bam! Is the reason for such arousing desires inside them, however, their always exist a strong debate on reality vs expectations? Is the life of celeb child as glamour’s as we see them, or are they undergoing through deep routed emotional trauma, we really don’t know?

Chef celeb daughter, Matilda Ramsay, the youngest daughter of British Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay, seems to be tootling in the footstep of her father. At an early age of 17, she is recognized by her own name rather than her father name. While at 17, an ordinary girl struggles through high school issues, unwanted pimples, projects and boyfriends, she has remarkably stood out as a MasterChef & actress.

So, today, we are unwrapping the key ingredients of her life, making her a successful teenage girl. Maybe while we unwrap it, we get to learn good things or healthy habits of her life, which we can personally implement in our practical life!

Together lets, know more on her MasterChef inspiration, school life, height, net worth & biography.

Loving & caring father, Gordon, how happy he is with his daughter, Matilda’s success?

When we Master Chef programs, we can predict Ramsay to be a sharp tonged chef, holding no soft corner for any of his contestant. But is he a harsh father to his children?

In 2018, like every normal student Matilda, finished her GSCE exam. She shared her happiness through her Instagram. She was congratulated by her older one Holly on clearing her GSCE exam.

Gordon, a proud father, posted his daughters result in his social media and congratulated her in achieving four straight A’s in the exam, and mocked her for getting D in cooking. The backhanded compliment of “D” is purely a joke.

Ramsay is very much proud of his daughter’s success. However, he has framed a strict rule for his children. Even though Matilda live a comfortable life, her father is strict in not spoiling them as a celebrity kid. He has clearly mentioned his children that they won’t be getting any benefit from his fortune and they would only receive 25% of deposit from him, as their flat deposit and nothing beside that.

In an interview with Hello Magazine, Gordon revealed that even while travelling to various destination he makes his children travel in economy class, instead of business class, as he believes that they have earned nothing to afford a travel in business class.

Well, Gordon is surely a strict father and a protective one. We think his effort on doing so is to protect his children from getting involved into bad habits or into drugs which may entirely spoil their life. A concerned father we can say, who does not want to see his children getting into problems unlike other teenage celeb kids.

Master Chef Matilda Ramsay biography & wiki

Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay was born in 2001, November 8 to parents Gordon Ramsay and Tana Ramsay as the youngest child in London, United Kingdom. She has a nick name “Tilly” which is often used by her close friends and family members.

At an early age of 9, in 2005 she appeared in television, at her father’s show The F Word with her three siblings. And at 15 years she got her own show “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch” which got aired in CBBC in 2015. The first series got aired in 2015, April 14, second series was aired in 2016, May 6, third series got aired in 2017, May 5.  Every series carried 15 episodes.

In the end of 2018, the series is again assured to pop up in the screen with a renewed version. She is also appearing in several cooking show with her father. Besides cooking shows, she has her own personal blog where she shares the stories of her family visit, recipes and blogs. She also launched her own cookery book “Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover” in 2017.

Currently she is working with her father in ITV, hosting show “This Morning”. Matilda beside receiving fame, was also nominated for Children’s BAFTA in 2015 and 2016, unfortunately she could not succeed.

At a tender age, Matilda received a glorious height of success which is sure to enhance every year. At the age of her father, she is sure to accumulate twice the net worth her father has accumulated so far. We do see a golden future for her. An ordinary child needs to struggle to get the highlights, she received as Ramsay’s daughter. However, she has proved herself as dedicated and hardworking daughter creating her own line of success, Gordon is very much proud of her!


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