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If you turn around and check the number of people who have actually embraced the fate of marrying their sweetheart and sustaining their marriage for more than decades, then Yes! Call them a lucky pair blessed by a white-winged angle who is still showering them with more blessing and love onto their married life. And yes, amongst those few blessed ones is our most hunky dusky American Journalist Maurice DuBois. With a successful love story, happily married life lets together explore more onto his salary, parents, biography and merrily flourished family life.

When and how did the cupid strike, Maurice? Is his love story still surviving or shattered into bits?

Despite being a media personality and gossiping about every tits and bit of stardom into his own show, Maurice DuBois is, in fact, a secretive personality who has remained mum when asking him about his dating life. However, a close source revealed about DuBois affair with girlfriend Andrea DuBois since 2000. Without much further delay, just after a year of dating the pair hitched themselves into a beautiful bond of marriage in 13 the August 2001. Though the marriage ceremony was the talk of the town and was termed to be a lavish one, not a single picture of their wedding ceremony was insight.

Right after the wedding, the couple had flown to France for their honeymoon. But unfortunately on 2001, September 11, while returning back, tragedy embraced them. While they were stuck in Paris,  Manhattan got attacked by Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda, in the United States. The couple returned back to Manhattan in 2001, September 15. Remembering the tragic incident Maurice posted a picture of Eiffel tower, captioning the supports received by the people from France.

From the marriage, Maurice has been blessed with two sons, Brandon James (2008) and Jason. Maurice has remained silent regarding his children birth date and time. As a protective father, maybe he wants to save the privacy of his children.

Maybe he wants his children to live a normal life instead of a celeb life. His family life is quite good as there are no stories of conflict regarding his married life nor any kinds of disturbing parental life.

Learn more about Maurice DuBois Salary & Parents

As released by the CBS, Maurice DuBois earns a salary of  $131, 572, which is quite a good amount. While talking about his parental life, Maurice is the son Ramona DuBois (mother) and Maurice DuBois Sr (Father) who were the immigrants from the Republic of Dominica.  Besides the names, no profession of his parents has been revealed. However in a statement, while receiving a doctoral degree, he said “

At least in our family (inset), college is not optional. It is what you do. It is part of life. It is a manifestation, recognition of your education that began at least in my case at the age of three when my mom taught me how to read. There was a clear path that led to the cap and gown. That was the impression that was made. It is just what you do.

The value of hard work and perseverance. Prior to my dad getting that degree, it wasn’t something that happened overnight. This is something that happened because he put in the time. This guy who I watched get up in the morning, every day, go to work, a business office in &Long Island. At the end of his day, he would get into his car and drive to Nassau County and go to College. He would not just go to Hofstra. He would go to C. W. Post to get not just his Associates, but also his Masters.

He further added,

“All this in a foreign country! Did I mention that he and my mom came here from Dominica (Applause) in the Caribbean? ( Applause). Dominica in the house! (Applause) It is a very small island. We are very proud. 67,000-70,00 people”

Biography of Maurice DuBois

Maurice was born in 1965, August 20 at Long Islands, New York to an immigrant parent, Ramona DuBois and Maurice DuBois Sr. He completed his schooling from Port Jefferson High School while he attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and received Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism. Before plunging into a career, he worked as an intern at the Public Affairs Office of Brookhaven National University for a year. Besides working as an anchorman for WCBS TV he is also involved in community service where he is working as a board member for New York City Center, Susan G. Komen for the cure and WNET program.

DuBois has also been awarded four Emmy Award and Trailblazer Award from the New York chapter. While he has received a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from St. Francis College (Brooklyn), Seton Hall University (New Jersey), Medgar Evers College( Brooklyn) and Briarcliffe College (New York).

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