Max Loughan Biography, Birthday, Free energy Device, CERN, Mandela Effect and Net worth


Most popular for being science hobbyist and speaker, Max Loughan is an American teenager who created a crystal radio from the material available locally around his home. Max Loughan is popular for inventing free energy device (The Harvester) and attended 2013 Nexus Global Youth Summit. Below we have mentioned Max Loughan biography in detail:


Birthday                        November 14, 2002


Occupation                   Speaker


Marital Status               Unmarried


Age                              16 as of 2018



Max Loughan Free Energy Device: The Harvester


The Harvester is an invention made by Loughan under $15 of common household items which were inspired by the principles presented by Nikola Tesla. Max Loughan ‘s free energy device- The Harvester was made with the help of a coffee tin, a spoon, wire and two coils.


The device harvests radio waves spread over the atmosphere and convert such waves into direct current that is able to run small electrical devices including LED bulbs.


This amazing invention uses the principles presented 75 years ago by Nikola Tesla harvesting energy from the earth’s atmosphere. In his honor, he was named as Tesla Motors and at that time Loughan was only 13 years old.


Mandela Effect: Max Loughan Thinks CERN destroyed our Universe


This young science hobbyist and speaker Max Loughan presented a theory that CERN destroyed our Universe and Mandela Effect is the outcome of that result. According to him, we are living in another Universe that is parallel/close to our original Universe. His speech and theories related to CERT and Mandela Effect are one of the major gossips that flourished these days. You can get the video where Max Loughan has explained it beautifully on this link


How much is Max Loughan’s Net worth?


You must be eager to know about the net worth accumulated by the science hobbyist Max Loughan. We would like to inform you that, Max hasn’t revealed anything about his financial data but we are sure that he earns huge amount of money. The major source of income for him are his fees as a speaker, revenues from the internet and much more. Soon his net worth will definitely cross millions of dollars.


Wiki and Facts


As a science hobbyist, Max Loughan engage himself in discovering new theories and invention. At of 2017, he is 15 years old and is one of the youngest talents from the science background. Loughan nationality is American and is of white ethnicity. We can find his biography on Wikipedia as well and you get connected with him on social networking sites including Facebook and YouTube. Like his Official Facebook Page and stay close being regularly updated with him. We are sure that you will enjoy watching his amazing videos on his personal YouTube channel “Max Loughan” available at Max YouTube Channel/.


Who is Max Loughan’s Girlfriend?


As of now, no information regarding Max Loughan’s girlfriend is available and seems like he isn’t interested in dating and having relationship affairs. May be, he would find someone later who could be his loving girlfriend and hold his hands forever being a wife.

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