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Who is Megan Fliehr? Well, she is best known for being the daughter of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) star Ric Flair. Her full name is Megan Fliehr Ketzner. By profession, one can call her as an actress. As an actress, she is popular for her contribution to the movies like WCW Monday Nitro and 30 for 30.

Early Life and Education

Megan Fliehr was born to her wrestler father Ric Flair and her mother’s name is Leslie Goodman who is the first wife of the wrestler. She is the oldest child of her parents and has always made her parents proud to have such talented and beautiful daughter. However, Megan Fliehr age is not clear although she celebrates her birthday on every 6th of January. Although, she has got an IMDb profile, very less information about her profile is known. Megan Fliehr college and other academic achievements are also not clear. She is blessed with other siblings named Charlotte Flair (born on April 5, 1986), David Flair (born on March 6, 1979) and Reid Flair (born on February 26, 1988). Her brother Reid died on March 29, 2013, because of an overdose of drugs like heroin, clonazepam and alprazolam.

Career and Professional Life

According to Megan Fliehr biography, she is an actress by profession. As she has dabbled in the entertainment world, we can find her many of the contributed movies. Her movie WCW Monday Nitro was released in 1995 which also stars the celebrities like Ony Schiavone, Scott Bigelow and Larry Pfohl. Likewise, she has also appeared in the movie titled 30 for 30 which is an unprecedented documentary series starring Ice Cube, Chuck D and Brent Musburger.

Personal Life

Megan Fliehr wiki reveals her to be of quiet, steady and silent of nature. She never tried to arise in the limelight by using her family members stardom. The actress like to live on her own path and want to succeed on her own capabilities.

Who is Megan Fliehr husband?
The name of Megan Fliehr husband is Robert Ketzner. Megan is a successful and proud wife, daughter and a dedicated mother as well. From their conjugal life, Megan and her husband Robert are blessed with a beautiful daughter named Morgan Lee Ketzner. Their daughter age is 13 years old now considering her birth year i.e. 2004.

Body Measurements

Much more information regarding Megan Fliehr’s father and sibling’s body measurements like height and weight are available but Megan’s detail is not disclosed yet. Analysing her outer appearances, she looks taller and has a maintained body structure.

Salary and Net worth

According to some wiki sites, Megan Fliehr net worth is estimated to be 0.9 million USD. Her financials and revenues detail are still under review. Megan Fliehr father Ric has an estimated net worth of 5 million USD which he has amassed from his successful WWE career.

Wiki and Facts

Megan Fliehr’s biography is still missing in Wikipedia. However, her profile is shortly mentioned in IMDB and some other wiki sites. We were unable to explore her social networking accounts like Twitter and Instagram.

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