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She is an Irish YouTuber who usually talks about body image, health, hair, hobbies and also about confidence on her blog, she is none other than Melanie Murphy. She is best known for achieving the Digital Media Awards: Blogger of the Year 2015. Besides that, the YouTuber has also earned Irish Beauty Blog Awards: Best Vlogger 2015. With her passion and talents, she made herself recognized as the renowned beauty and makeup YouTuber across the world. According to Melanie Murphy wiki, she was born on August 14, 1989, in Ireland. Her ethnicity and nationality are Irish. Regarding her date of birth, Melanie Murphy age is 29 as of 2018.


Early Life and Education


Melanie Murphy was born and raised in Ireland along with two other siblings which include one brother named Andrew and one sister named Jessica. No information related to her parents is available. Murphy is said to have a good attachment with her sister Jessica and had spent a good memory with her from her childhood age.



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Talking about her education, Murphy has acquired a degree in educational training from Dublin City University (DCU).  Her office is her own bedroom from where she carried most of her activities. She was said to be poor in public speaking and therefore she got inspired from other YouTubers and as a result, she is one of the popular YouTuber around the world despite her shyness nature. Her videos were being uploaded from her last years of the University study.


Where is Melanie Murphy From?


Melanie Murphy is from north Dublin, Ireland and holds an Irish nationality.



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Career and Professional Life


Beauty and makeup guru Murphy joined the YouTube in May of 2013. Today she has retained millions of fans, followers, and well-wishers on her social accounts and is an established YouTuber. This internet star has shown the power of the internet which can offer a platform for any of the youth standing right there in their home. All they have to do is use their camera, present their talents and skills and simply upload to bring it in front the millions of people around the world.


Besides YouTube and channels, Murphy has shown her excellence as a writer and we can find her two bestselling young adult fantasy novels on the market too. Also, she has also contributed to the television series titled Vikings.


Melanie Murphy Weight Loss


The issue of Melanie Murphy weight loss has been a major issue that had become a talk of the town. According to reports, Murphy loses 55/60lbs a few years ago that can be clearly seen from her pictures, before and after. She has been maintaining her diet and had recovered her eating disorder issues. As of now, after a massive weight loss and recovery, she is happy with the weight she possesses.



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Melanie Murphy Website


Melanie Murphy runs her own website i.e. which she operates from her own office, we mean her bedroom (in her own words). There we can find four sections which include “About Me”, “Book”, “Merch” and “Contact”. We came to know that she had already launched a book titled “Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Living in an Online/Offline World” which can be purchased from Amazon too. To contact the award-winning lifestyle YouTuber, please follow THIS LINK. Soon she will be putting several merchandises for trade in her website.


How Much is Melanie Murphy Net worth?


The actual net worth accumulated by Melanie Murphy is still under review as she has not disclosed any facts about it. But it is sure that the YouTube presenter earns huge income from her blogging and YouTubing activities. Her net worth must be close to a million of dollars.



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Wiki and Facts


No biography of Melanie Murphy has been mentioned on Wikipedia as of now but many of the wiki sites have prepared it on their web pages. It is a basic compulsory rule for internet star to make a strong appearance on their social accounts, and so does Murphy. To get her latest tweets and updates follow Murphy on Twitter @melaniietweets where she has been followed by more than 102k followers. You can follow Murphy Official Facebook Page and get connected closer with her. Also, you can follow her on Instagram @melaniiemurphy where she is found posting her latest photos.

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