Is Michael Graziano (Global Degree) Married? His Bio, Age and Net worth

Is Michael Graziano married? Yes, he is. His wife’s name is Natasha Graziano. In June 2021, Michael proposed Natasha and the moments were captured in the photograph which is uploaded to their Instagram handles. They got married the same year and are enjoying their new married life. His wife was previously married to Antonio Grano with whom he had a son named Rio Grano.

The beautiful couple met through the popular social audio app Clubhouse. It was reported that Natasha fell in love with Michael through his incredible voice. Through the audio platform, more than 27,000 people attended their wedding.

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Michael Graziano’s Net worth

The famous synonym of Global Degree, the vivid traveler plus psychological and neuroscience specialist and professor Michael Graziano is a real-life millionaire. His net worth ranges from 1 to 2 million US dollars whole annual income is around 400k US dollars. Michael Graziano’s net worth is mainly due to his job, sales of the books, investment, and research grants. He is currently residing in Connecticut in a lavish mansion.

Instagram @GlobalDegree

Michael Graziano Global degree, this is what his Instagram account addresses about him. Not much about his practical life is shared on this platform and no professional details. As he wants his Instagram account to be mainly focused on his travel schedules and is filled with the Global Degree motto. He has visited 193 United Nations countries and has assigned himself the name, Global Degree. With around 3.2 million followers on Instagram, the link to his Instagram account is @globaldegree

Date of Birth

Michael Graziano was born in 1967 in Canada, this makes his age 54 years in 2021.


Graziano was a sharp student during his childhood and always wanted to become an analyst or research scientist. While growing up his love for exploring and researching on human mind kept increasing. Thus, he made his mind to study neuroscience and psychology. The double Ph.D. holder wanted to conduct research activities related to the human brain and its psychological reactions and explain it through books to the rest of the world.


Michael Graziano- the book lover spent his childhood in Buffalo and went on joining Princeton University. In 1989, he completed his Bachelor’s in Psychology and did Masters’s in Neuroscience in 1991 from MIT. After that, he returned to Princeton University for pursuing a doctoral degree. Currently, he is working as a postdoctoral professor in the Neuroscience and PSychology Department of Princeton University.

Michael Graziano with wife and son

Founder of Mindful

Mindful is a very close initiative to Global Degree Michael Graziano. He began this program for helping in bringing psychological stability to mentally disturbed people and wanted to take care of them through this virtual initiative. This program helps people in calming their nerves with the help of the various neuroscientific programs and is mainly designed for anxiety patients.

Travel all the 193 UN Nation

Global Degree Michael Graziano is one of those few people who has traveled to 193 UN countries in the world. This makes him famous for another reason than his brilliant work. He terms it as a part of his research in order to know the psychological arena in a vivid way. Other than these it also helps in experiencing the world to him.

Height and Weight

Michael Graziano is a professor, thus, he is not much vocal about his physical appearance and calls it to be having a negligible impact on his life. This is the reason why he has not disclosed anything related to his height and weight.  Rather he is pretty vocal about the impact that is caused by the height and weight limitations set by the society in the people who do not fit into it.

Professional Life

Being a professor, most of Michael Graziano’s life professional life revolves around teaching his students, researching, and learning more. This is also accompanied by publishing books. Michael Graziano has published a sum of fourteen books. These books include novels, Kid’s novels, books on neuroscience, and books related to music. His three literary novels are The Love Song of Monkey,  The Divine Frace, and Death My Own Way.  The kids’ books he has written are on the titles The Last Notebook of Leonardo, Billy, and the Birdfrogs, Squiggle. The three music-related books are Symphonies 3 4 5, Three modern Symphonies, and  Five String Quartets. These books are soon to be accompanied by one that is in progress.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Michael Graziano

Date of Birth: 1967

Age: 54 years old (as of 2021)

Place of Birth: Canada

Nationality: Canadian

Owner of: Mindful Media

Profession: Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Model

Height: Above 5 feet and 8 inches

Weight: N/A

Net Worth: US$1.5 million (estimated)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Married

Spouse/ Girlfriend: Natasha Graziano

Children: 1 step-son (Rio Grano)

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