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In today’s world people can anything from anywhere, there is no need of being an authorized student to learn something. Learning now has become an easier process and we can pursue information with less effort. Along with nature nowadays we can learn something from Google, YouTube, and other different sites. One of such unauthorized lecturer on YouTube is Mike Boyd. Young and energetic Mike helps us in learning various things in a short time or an ultimately speedy way. Unlike a normal lecturer who has masterminded some fixed topics, Mike teaches us several things related to multiple fields. According to his bio, Mike was born on 29th March 1990 in a town of Scotland. While growing up he became an exceptional person with the extraordinary mindset of simplifying plus solving a lot of complicated things very simply. This talent from his small age made him the YouTube sensation today. Scanning his wiki, we come to know that he has earned a handsome amount of net worth till date and use it for charity purpose moreover. Mike is currently dating his long-term girlfriend Kim. As a result of having the same name, he is often mistaken as an English tattoo artist Mike Boyd. But he does not seem to have any deep interest in having a tattoo.


Bio and Wiki

Moving on to his bio, Mike had always wanted to expose the talent he possessed for helping other people. He wanted to use those extraordinary skills in common people’s benefit and welfare. This urge of Mike led him towards finding a perfect way of expressing his talent and the source was YouTube. He started his own YouTube channel in 2008 with username microboyd. His channel named Mike Boyd currently has over 469 thousand followers with over millions of views. Mike’s first video which was able to complete 1 million views is Learn to Kickflip in 5 hours 47minutes. Mike has created a YouTube series and named it Learn Quick. In the series, he has compiled different unusual and tricky things which have been creating a lot of problem in our daily life. Mike has sorted such complicated and time-consuming activities into a shortcut, smart, plus effective way of doing it. Some of his popular videos include Learn to draw dotted lines on chalkboard, Learn to wheelie, Learn to spin a basketball, Learn to unicycle, Learn to juggle, Learn to pool trick shot, Learn to play an instrument, Learn to play Violin, Learn to throw axe, learn downhill mountain biking, the rabbit hole of learning and several others.



Mike Boyd is currently dating Kim, they both are in a long-term relationship. Mike and Kim’s relationship began nearly 7 years ago. Yet, they are having a very prosperous and happy life together. Both of them give a major couple goal to today’s youth who can’t handle relationships maturely. Recently, Mike gifted Kim a diamond ring made up of his own. That sounds so romantic, isn’t it? Mike stole Kim’s ring to have a measurement first, then he brought raw materials. Finally, after spending about 6 hours and 20minutes in the studio, Mike was able to create it. This shows how much is Mike concerned about his love life and girlfriend Kim Norrie.


Net worth

His hard work, labor, dedication, passion are the foundation which has inbuilt pillars of success. While Mike’s popularity, fame, and followers are the evidence proving that his life is successful. So, it’s certain that he has an amazing lifestyle gifted to him by himself. His estimated net worth is 250 thousand US dollars, that’s quite much for a happy life. At a young age of 27 years, he has been able to create an immensely luxurious life for himself and all the family members.

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