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Tall dark handsome & single man? Not at all done! And on top of it hard to believe. The table in such a situation directly gets reversed and points on his sexual orientation, believing them to be gay. No matter the person is focused on building his career, instead of spending his precious time in girls. Meteorologist Mike Woods too was surrounded by the gay rumor once, after no dating series was identified by his fan followers. Rumor further flamed out after another added rumor of Mike dating his co-star surfaced.

With no address on it, speculation rose on the co-star gender followed by their wedding chances. So without much delay, we will be pulling out more information on Mike Woods rumored co-star, wedding chances followed by his biography.

FNC anchor Mike diagnosed with cancer, recovered or still struggling?

After his 50th birthday, on the month of May 2018, Mike is said to have visited the hospital for his routine check-up. While going through he was identified with prostate cancer. Similar cancer was identified in his father and grandfather who passed away after surgery. The sad news was shared by Woods, via air, where he said, “In going through this whole process. I realized it is going to be very important for me to not only go through this myself but also to share my story.”

On July 23rd, 2018, Mike through his Instagram post revealed good news for his fans. He stated that his last round of blood check showed no sign of Cancer.


Dating game ON! Or just a sparkling rumor to remain on headlines? Know the myth

50 years old, American journalist Mike Woods is an extremely private person. Besides his career and work, Mike has not revealed anything about his private affairs. Such preserve nature rose speculation on his sexual orientation. For his fans has given their own opinion,

I think he’s gay.

he never mentions a girlfriend. I think he is good buddies with pudgy lines rosales.

I figured she’d have his turkey baster baby by now.

I wonder if Greg Kelly is also gay”

“He’s gay, right? I’m watching him give the forecast on Good Day NY in my doctor’s office. He’s incredibly muscular, really well-groomed, and has a certain “pingy” quality about him. So what’s the verdict on this gorgeous weather hottie?”

Suspicion further rose, when High Pitch Erik on an interview with howardstern.com, revealed about his love for Mike Woods, “Oh I love Mike Woods. We just have so much fun laying next to each other because we both have hot bodies.”

Mike has posted several pictures of him with his male colleagues, on Instagram.


Well, that does not prove that Mike Woods is really gay and has a secret boyfriend. If is that so, then he is also surrounded by the rumor of dating female co-star Ines Rosales, from Fox network. Both the duo is said to be dating since quite a long time, but no wedding date has been revealed so far. Neither any PDA has been given so far by them, nor Mike has posted any pictures of themselves with any cheesy tagline in any of his social media. Till Mike openly confronts about his relationship with Ines, suspicion will keep on surrounding him.

Biography of Mike Woods

Mike Woods was born in 1968, January 28, in Sacramento, California. Mike graduated from U.C Davis with a degree in Rhetoric and Communications. He also acquired the American Meteorological Society (AMS) certification. Before gaining popularity, he worked in several news agencies and acquired a major portion of net worth. He began his meteorologist career from North Carolina on WITN. Mike gained fame after he covered a weather report about Hurricane Irene for straight 72 hours. In 2001, he joined Fox 5 and featured as weekend meteorologist and Good Day New York. Mike has worked in so many news agency and channels, that he is sure enjoying his net worth in thousands of millions.

Mike beside his work, is also involved in charity works and raised $10,000 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma cause. He is also a joint host of Catholic charities.

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