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People become great by their deeds. This saying emphasizes the lifestyle of a Sudanese British mobile communications entrepreneur and billionaire, Dr. Mohammed “Mo” Ibrahim. Founder of Mo Ibrahim Foundation and creator of Mo Ibrahim Index, Ibrahim is a member of the Africa Regional Advisory Board of London Business School. He was born in 1946 in Sudan, making him 72 years in 2018. Ibrahim’s family was of Nubian descent and at the young age; he was taken to Egypt by his parents. With a lot of effort, he went to the Alexandria University and got a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Then, he targeted England and attended the University of Bradford, from where Mohammed earned a master degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. He completed Ph.D. in Mobile Communication from the University of Birmingham. The University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies awarded him with an Honorary Doctorate in Economics in 2007. In 2011, he received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Mohammed is called as the “most powerful man in Britain” and known for transferring a continent. He is sports lover and enjoys watching football. His daughter, Hadeel, is also assisting him in the business.

Biography and wiki

Mohammed, an intelligent business tycoon, is a source of inspiration for the people all around the world. His biography and wiki are available on many sites, which can motivate youngsters to pursue their dream in business. His hobby was to play football and is till date highly interested in it. After completing bachelor’s degree, he hoped to utilize his knowledge in the home country so, returned to Sudan. There, he worked in the telephone company “Sudan Telecom”. Ibrahim served British Telecom for certain time and later joined Cellnet for the post of technical director. He also presented himself as a lecturer and taught undergraduate telecommunication courses at Thames Polytechnic during early 1989. In the same year, he founded MSI (Mobile System International), a consultancy and software company to the wireless industry. In 2000, Marconi company bought MSI and it was renamed Celtel after some years. In 2004, Celtel needed a long-term source of capital thus; Mo Ibrahim sold it to Kuwait-based Mobile telecommunication Company for $3.4 billion. Recently, he is involved in philanthropy being part of “The Giving Pledge” and pledged to give at least half of his wealth to charity. The doctor is encouraging better governance in Africa as well as evaluating nations’ performance. In 2007, the businessman established the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. It provides financial support to African heads of state, who deliver security, health, education and economic development. Mp Ibrahim Foundation, created in 2006, is also offering scholarships at the University of Birmingham, SOAS, and London Business School for African students, master students plus postgraduates.

Net worth

The net worth of this respected philanthropist is expected to be $1.8 billion. He is the 692nd richest person in the world according to the Forbes 2011 Billionaire List. In 2008, he was able to be included in the TIME “Top 100” list. His biography proves that knowledge is power. Ibrahim is not only a self-made billionaire but also has a giant heart to help the poor ones.

Personal life

Ibrahim is successful in both professional and personal life. His skill to balance each side is admired by most of the people. He is married to Hania and living happily in Monaco. The couple has three children, a daughter, Hadeel with two sons Hosh and Sami Ibrahim. Hadeel is Executive director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, vice chair of the Africa Centre in New York and board member of the Clinton Foundation.

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