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There are times when a success of women can overrule the achievement of husband. Such triumph can either bring glory amongst the partner or can create conflict. Anything can happen! But not every time.

There are husbands who get overjoyed with the set victory of their counterparts. And there are women, who too equally embrace the gaiety. Amongst them, American business tycoon Nick Florescu is that one celebrity who is basically backed by his wife’s popularity.

Despite being Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder President, he is very much known as the husband of famous reporter Dominique Sache. Having shared such prosperous entrepreneurial record, Nick Florescu Wikipedia is missing.

Keeping every story intact, we will be providing details on Nick Florescu net worth, birthday, married, age, wife, wiki and bio.

Wealthy in life; How healthy is Nick Florescu’s married life & wife?

Before getting married to Dominique, he was married to another woman whose name is not yet disclosed. From the said marriage, he has five kids Ava, Alex, Bella, Nicky and Elle. May be due some conflicting issues Nicks partnership with his former wife could not last and hence he got divorced.

Plenty of reasons exist, but no concreate reason has been given so far, regarding his broken status.

Well, we may also consider this to be a fate. After being single once again, he got a chance to meet the beautiful journalist Dominique Sachse, who was in fact married twice earlier. From the first husband she has a son Styles.

Both being a lone parent might have urged them to come together. Nick met his better half on 2012, January 11 at RDG. The first meeting might have been incomplete; therefore, frequent meeting took place at elegant eating place, Restaurante Cavour. Quickly, after frequent catchups their instinct got clicked and hence, without any further delay, he decided to get married.

In 2012, May 20, in an intimated ceremony he got married, at the house of Becca and John Cason Thrash at Texas. Where Lakewood Church pastor and Joel Osteen took in charge of exchanging the vows.

The wedding ceremony was attended by all of their children, which made their wedding ceremony further more special.

Adding more spice onto the marriage ceremony, the wedding was organized amongst the presence of 50 guests which later expanded and peaked to 300 guests.  Despite sudden outbursts of guest, both of them completed their wedding program in delightful way.

The couple still share a cordial and loving relationship till date. Their relationship is flourishing day by day though there might be few homely discussions.

Few thousands or grands; Millionaire Nick Florescu’s Wiki & net worth

Nick Florescu is the founder of The Florescu Foundation. He is also an influential business figure and the president of Centrade, USA, Inc. Adding more to the net worth he has headed for expansion of Centrade’s digital marketing agency in Houston, where he is serving as CEO of Kubis Interactive. His business-driven attitude urged him to expand and establish Romania’s first national billboard network.

His net worth is estimated to be more than $5 million USD, while his annual earning is expected to be $250,000.

Before turning to entrepreneur, he commenced his career from oil energy sector and by serving as a trade and broker. Then he proceeded to marketing. In 1991, he founded his first marketing company which further enlarged to online advertising, online marketing, TV financing and sales.

Adding grands is not only Nick’s intention. He has been involved in philanthropic activities, as he started his own foundation in 2009, which helped disadvantaged children in Romania. He also initiated fundraiser program to develop new foster home in Romania.

Bio & age of Nick Florescu

Nicholas aka Nick Florescu was born in 1953, October 31, in USA. At present he of sixty plus age. He graduated from Boston College in 1974, where he gained degree in Marketing. He is a versatile personality who is talented in speaking French and English.

Six children, one smart well educated wife and a wealthy business, we can pretty much assume that Nick is one of the luckiest people. In near future, we are sure to hear few more good expansions of his business.













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