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Leroy Nicholas Barnes AKA Nicky Barnes is known for being one of the biggest organized crime drug dealers during 1970’s in New York City. The biggest drug dealer is also named as Mr. Untouchable and has always been on limelight for negative reason and activities. According to Nicky Barnes wiki, he was born on October 15, 1933, in Harlem, New York City. Considering his date of birth, Nicky Barnes age is 85 years old now.

Early Life and Education

He was born as Leroy Nicholas Barnes in 1933 to the parents belonging to Afro-American ethnicity. It is said that he was a good student during his early school days but escaped his home to be free from his abusive alcoholic father. This made him deal drugs-related activities in order to survive. Later he became addicted to drugs like heroin.



Career and Professional Life

Like celebrities, there is nothing to state the professional achievement of Mr. Untouchable with full dignity and respect. He was sentenced to jail where he ended up his addiction to heroin. In 1965, he was charged with low-level drug dealing and was sent to prison. After being free from the jail, Nicky formed an organized crime syndicate named The Council accompanied by other six Afro-American criminals. The Council used to involved in international drug trafficking ring and was performing in partnership with other international mafias. He was again arrested in 1978 and was punished for life imprisonment. The Council collapsed in 1983.
While being in prison, Nicky found that The Council has stopped performing and offering his attorneys’ fees. One of the members of The Council named Guy Fisher was having affair with Mr. Untouchable’ mistress. During his jail life, Nicky earned the national poetry contest for federal inmates. He also gained a diploma with honor and has also taught English to fellow inmates.
For co-operating with the government as an informant, he was released in August 1998. The crime drug dealer published a book titled “Mr. Untouchable” in 2007.

Today, Nicky Barnes is running at the age of 80’s. He is also contributing as a part of the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program. He was portrayed in the film Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power released in 2005. The role was portrayed by Sean “Diddy” Combs and was directed by Michael Bregman.

Personal Life

Being in old days, Nicky has no interest in making love and romantic affairs that he used to. It is said that Nicky Barnes wife/ girlfriend was having affair with Guy Fisher, a member of The Council. Nicky Barnes wife Shameka was shot in a Harlem bar.

Body Measurements

Nicky Barnes body is tall in structure and had maintained his physique during his young age. We don’t have clear information about his height, weight and other physical details.

Salary and Net worth

Talking about Nicky Barnes net worth, he has amassed 105 million USD by making heroin transactions. He was able to avoid the police’s dragnet and therefore was named as Mr. Untouchable. He is one of the biggest former crime boss to accumulate such massive net worth by selling drugs.

Wiki and Facts

You can also find Mr. Untouchable’s wiki on Wikipedia. We were unable to find his social networking accounts like Twitter and Instagram.

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