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Well, a famous person once said, Love, is blind! Even if a person looks like a back of the truck their opposite partner will still look like a beautiful blue moon.

And yes, everyone agreed to it! At a certain point in time, everyone has fallen in love and everyone has gone through rough breakups.

While love makes you weightless, heartbreaks make you groundless. There exist no mixed emotions during separation. This period spares no one. Be it an ordinary person, or a high-ended Z security formalized person, once in a lifetime, you do fall in one-sided or both-sided love.

The streamline continues. One after another, the series continue, till the soul finds a right one, just made for each other kind, American/Kuwaiti Television Producer Noor Alfallah is too not spared from this disastrous inclination.

Despite entering Hollywood at a tender age, she gained minimum popularity. But after dating Mick Jagger (Producer, writer, singer, and actor), she rose to fame. So, today we will be working on relationship blunders, high-edges, trivia of the beautiful producer including her biography, network & Wikipedia.

Unbounded relationships? Many or just one? Find out the recent love status of Noor Alfallah!

Like a sea wave, the love life of Noor is really difficult to determine. An absence of stability is what we can presume. Despite stuffed with boundless belle, the successful movie producer is unable to find true blessed love.

Back in 2015, the enchanting lady was seen highly tied up with the famous Rolling Stone, lead vocalist Mick Jagger. The 75 years old musician and 23 years old charmer, got privately hooked.

Though the pair had an age gap of nearly 52 years, both of them got to head over heels in love.  During the Paris tour, singer & producers relationship came into a highlight.

Before getting tangled with one another, they were first said to have met in New York, April 2015. The couple enjoyed several dates, unfortunately, after three years of their romance, they separated in 2018. No concrete reasons for their separation have been noted by any of the pair.

After the misfortune break- up, Mick is hooked with Melanie Hamrick, the mother of eight children while Noor is heating up for another one.

Yes, another billionaire in her dating list. Noor seems to be dating 57 years old Nicholas Berggruen. A man with a similar resemblance to Mick. No acceptance has been made, but she was seen wishing him on his Birthday, acknowledging him as her partner in crime.

After that, they were constantly spotted in LA art exhibition, followed by a lavish holiday to St.Tropez and Capri.  Before hooking, Noor met him while she was tied with Mick.

On 2019, Noor was photographed with 88-year-old Clint Eastwood at Craig’s in Los Angeles. While the spectators suspected them to be dating, she clarified the entire scenario to be a family function. A Big No! to the rumor.

But, the ongoing affair with Nicholas is still under scrutiny, we hope this turns out to be a true and fair relation, where the pretty lady finally decides to settle or at least maintain a stable relationship for few years before permanently tying the knot. Well, let’s hope for the Great News Soon.

Biography & Wikipedia

Noor Alfallah was born in 1993, December 2 at Kuwait to a Kuwaiti father and American mother, Alana Alfallah. She also has a younger sister Remi Alfallah and holds the ethnicity of Kuwaiti-American. She is an Islamic follower and resides in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

Before entering to movie sector, she graduated from UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television and further advanced to USC School of Cinematic Art.

Further, she is estimated to 5ft 7 inch, with a weight of 119lbs(54kg) and a body measurement of 34-26-35.

She surely has an overwhelming capacity for she has produced few masterpieces like La Petite Mort and Brosa Nostra. Her hard work has paid her off and made her accumulate the total net worth of $1 million dollars, which is sure to incline in the upcoming years.

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