Paula Hitler Date of Birth, Grandson, Siblings, Interview (Adolf Hitler’s Sister)

Also named Paula Wolf or Paula Hitler-Wolff, she is always remembered in history for being the youngest sister of Austrian-born German politician, Adolf Hitler who became dictator of Germany from 1933 until his death. This article would cover all the frequently asked questions about Paula from her birth details to her family life, interview and death.

Who was Paula Hitler?

Born Paula Hitler, she is the last child of parents Alois Hitler (father) and Klara Pölzl. (third wife of Alois Hitler). She would have been forgotten in history if she was not the blood relative of Adolf Hitler, one f the biggest dictators in the world who is always noted for his tyrannic and autocratic rule.

Date of Birth

Paula Hitler was born on 26 January 1896. She would have been at the age of 126 years old if she would have been alive now. Like her older brother, she was also born in Austria in Hafeld. Her father who used to be a retired customs official died when she was just six years old. Following the death of her father, she and her brother earned a small amount of pension from the Austrian government.

Life as an Adult

In the early 1920s, she moved to Vienna where she started working at a dormitory for Jewish university students as a housekeeper. While working at the dormitory, her brother visited her in 1921. However, she had no other contact with her brother who was struggling to find a career path as a painter. The siblings couldn’t also remain in contact because Adolf joined military services and later got busy with political activities in Germany.

On 2 August 1930, she lost her job at the Austrian State Insurance Company as her employer found her to be a sibling to Hitler. She received financial support from her brother amounting to 250 shillings a month. For security purposes, she started using the surname “Wolff” at Hitler’s request.

Paula during her later interviews, stated that she saw her brother about once a year during the decades of 1930s and 1940s. So, what was she doing during World War II? Well, she was serving in a military field hospital as a secretary.

Paula Hitler Interview

After Hitler committed suicide with his spouse, Paula was driven by two SS men to Berchtesgaden, Germany on 14 April 1945, when she was the age of 49. On 26 May 1945, she got arrested by US counter-intelligence officers and she was interviewed after a month on 12 July.

Paula Hitler on her brother

In her interview, Paula Hitler stated that she had a strong relationship with her brother and she feels hard to believe that he was the only man responsible for the Holocaust. She stated that she met Eva Braun only once in her lifetime. She was released from =American custody after which she decided to return to Vienna. She was said to have started working in an arts and crafts shop.

On 1 December 1952, she returned to Berchtesgaden and started residing with the name “Paula Hitler-Wolff” or “Paula Wolff”. She was also interviewed by a British documentary producer, Peter Morley. Her interview was filmed and was part of a program called Tyranny. During the conversation, she shared her time with Adolf Hitler in her childhood days and she refused to have more discussion on his political questions.

How did Paula Hitler die?

On 1 June 1960, Paula Hitler died at the age of 64 in Schönau near Berchtesgaden. She had a natural death. Her death marked her to be the last surviving member of Hitler’s immediate family. She was buried under the name of Paula Hitler in the Bergfriedhof in Berchtesgaden/Schönau. In November, five months after her death, a certificate was issued by the Federal Court in Berchtesgaden which awarded Paula two-thirds of Hitler’s estate.

Paula Hitler Grandson

There are few online sources that have stated that Polish professional footballer/ striker Robert Lewandowski is the grandson of Paula Hitler. The footballer was born on 21 August 1988.

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