is Penn Jillette Married? Wife, Kids, Height, Weight loss and Illness

Is Penn Jillette married? Yes, he is. His wife’s name is Emily Zolten. The couple got married on November 23, 2004. According to some reports, the pair celebrated their wedding which was an impromptu ceremony at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

The couple met in the early 2000s and took a couple of years to exchange their vows. As per some media, they resided together at Jillette’s Las Vegas home for the last decade. They sold the house in 2015 and bought a 7,800-square-feet area-occupied home in a gated community called The Ridges.

Penn Jillette and his wife Emily Zolten are the parents of two children named Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette and Zolten Penn Jillette.

How old is Penn Jillette’s wife?

Penn Jillette’s wife Emily Zolten was born on February 28, 1966, which makes her age be 56 years old as of 2022.

Who is Penn Jillette?

Born as Penn Fraser Jillette, he landed on the planet on March 5, 1955, which makes his age be 67 years old as of 2022. By profession, he is an American magician, actor, inventor and musician. He has also gained success as an author and television presenter. He is widely recognized for working with fellow magician Telle with whom he has formed the team called Penn & Teller. They have already been featured in multiple television shows and performed in various stage programs.

As an author, he has published eight books including God, No! which is known as the New York Times Bestseller. Many people recognize him for his advocacy of atheism where he used to free-market capitalism being identified as a libertarian.

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Penn Jillette’s Real name

The American magician’s real name is Penn Fraser Jillette.

Early Life and Education

Jillette was born in 1955 and his place of birth is in Greenfield, Massachusetts, the United States. He was born to parents named Valda Rudolph Jillette (née Parks; 1909–2000) who used to work as a secretary. Likewise, his father named Samuel Herbert Jillette (1912–1999) used to work at Greenfield’s Franklin County Jail.

After reading the bible, he decided to become an atheist in his early teens. He used to ask questions while being in a youth group which led him to be asked to leave the church. When he was 18 years old, he saw illusionist James Randi’s show after which he developed more passion for magic and illusion.

A juggling act by two college buddies, Jerry and Jillette, got its start in 1973. They developed it while at Ringling Bros., and the act would go on to be performed on Johnny Carson and Saturday Night Live. The three musicians who formed the band Asparagus Valley Cultural Society eventually moved to New York and was able to produce their first record “Fiddle And The Drum”.

It was in 1981 when Penn & Teller teamed up as a comedy act and went on to do a successful Off-Broadway and later Broadway theatre show called “Penn & Teller”.

Career and Professional Journey

Jillette has been popular for hosting and presenting various programs including the first touring performance of the avant-garde band the Residents in 1983. He is also noted for telling a series of lengthy, purposefully pointless stories between each song on the band’s most recent album.

The show was designed to appear to fall apart as it progressed; Jillette pretended to grow angrier with the crowd, and lighting effects and music would become increasingly chaotic, all building up to the point where he was dragged off stage and returned, handcuffed to a wheelchair, to deliver his last monologue.

While performing onstage, Jillette had one member of the audience assaulted. While he was handcuffed to a wheelchair, he had no way to protect himself against the attack. The group-based documentary was made by the former magician and talk show host, Jerry Jillette

Jillette has contributed to PC/Computing since the early ’90s, but the publication folded in 1994. He has also contributed as the primary voice of Comedy Central in the United States since 1991. In the year 2016, he sold “The Slammer” so that his family could move to a less remote location.

For a short time in 1997, Jillette wrote for the search engine Each column ended with a pithy comment identifying which of the Penn & Teller duo he was. Jillette made a habit of linking many words in his online column to wacky sites that generally had nothing to do with the actual words.The columns have not been republished on the current site, but have been republished with permission at Android – How do I programmatically disable a button? I’ve searched the web for a long time and I can’t find how to disable an android button. All the solutions require an id.


From January 3, 2006, to March 2, 2007, Jillette hosted, along with other skeptical friends, a live, hour-long radio talk show broadcast on Free FM. The show, Penn Radio, was broadcast from his Vintage Nudes Studio in his Las Vegas home.

“Monkey Tuesday” is when the hosts would get a video clip from Amazon where someone, usually Jeff Bezos, would talk about something he had done, and the hosts would make fun of it, including putting a monkey. On March 2, 2007, Jillette announced that he was not doing his radio show anymore.Q: How to extract all the rows that contain specific strings in a column? David Letterman announced that he was going to retire from his job as the host of the long-running “Late Show.

During the 2006–07 television season, Jillette was a contestant on NBC’s game show Identity. Jillette also came into a highlight after doing a bi-weekly show on Revision3 called Penn Point during 2010-2011. He also participated in The Celebrity Apprentice season 5 which began on February 19, 2012. He began the podcast Penn’s Sunday School along with Michael Goudeau on February 19, 2012.

He made his way to finals for the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice season in 2013 through which he raised $663,655 for the charity of his choice, Opportunity Village in 2013. With Teller, he received the prestigious honor with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the live performance category on April 5, 2013. They also received the award of the “Magicians of the Year” award by the Magic Castle.

AMerican Magician Penn Jillette

He also helped the David and Jad Fair of the art-rock band Half Japanese by offering financial support for their record label 50 Skidillion Watts from 1987 to 1989. He also formed a private recording studio in his home located in Las Vegas.

Is Penn Jillette Christian?

The Ameican magician Penn Fraser Jillette is still an atheist.

Is Penn Jillette ill?

Penn Jillette has retained a large number of followers from around the globe who are very curious to explore the health status of their role model. So, is he ill? His blood pressure made him have got admitted to the hospital in December 2014. He experienced a huge weight loss of 105lb (48kg) by March 5, 2015.

Penn Jillette Diet plan

Jillette who has lost massive weight in a few months is very conscious regarding his diet plan. He eats very little and has almost no animal products included. He has been following Joel Fuhrman’s nutritarian diet. He doesn’t consume processed grains and ensures that he has no extra sugar or salt.

How tall is Penn Jillette?

The American magician Penn Jillette stands at a tall height of 6 feet and 7 inches or 2.01 m. He has now maintained his weight by following a strict diet plan.

Net worth

The famous illusionist/ magician Penn Jillette has an estimated net worth of US$200 million. He is a successful author and television personality as well besides his job as a magician. He has also gained popularity for authoring famous books where he has put his views regarding atheism.

Wiki and Facts

The biography of Penn Fraser Jillette is prepared by various wiki sites like Wikipedia. He has amassed more than 1.7 million followers on his Twitter account @pennjillette.

Quick Facts

Birth Name: Penn Fraser Jillette

Date of Birth: March 5, 1955

Birthplace: Greenfield, Massachusetts, the United States

Nationality: Ameican

Profession: Magician. Actor, Musician

Net worth: US$200 million (estimated)

Wife/ Girlfriend: Emily Zolten

Religious Belief: Athiest

Children: 2 (Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette and Zolten Penn Jillette)

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