Is Rachel Paulson Married? Her Bio, Age, Partner, Net worth and Parents

Is Rachel Paulson married? Yes, she is. She is lesbian regarding her sexual orientation. She is happily married to her wife/ partner Kelly Hrebenar. They got married on July 18, 2020. They are happy with their same-sex marriage and often feature each other on their respective Instagram handle. The beautiful couple currently resides together in Houston, Texas, the United States.

About her wife/ partner (Kelly Hrebenar)?

Her better half Kelly Hrebenar was born and raised in Florida. She is better known for being a full-time hairstylist who is appreciated for being passionate about all things artistic. Her expertise in beauty, lifestyle and coffee posts has made her popular on social media handles. Hrebenar is popular for her advice on TikTok where she is credited for her influential part of the LGBTQ+ community where she has influenced people to become more confident.

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Who is Rachel Paulson?

Born as Rachel Paulson, she is an American actress and writer. She has a wide number of followers as she has established herself as a social media influencer. Many people recognize her for being the younger sister of actress Sarah Paulson and Casting Director Liz Paulson.

Early Life and Education; How old is Rachel Paulson?

Rachel Paulson was born on August 20, 1983, which makes her age be 38 years old as of 2021. She was born in Tampa, Florida. Regarding her education, she was enrolled at a high school for the performing arts in Florida. Being interested in acting, she attended Florida State University from where she obtained her B.F.A degree in Theater.

Family; Is Rachel Paulson related to Sarah Paulson?

Rachel Paulson is the younger half-sister of actress Sarah Paulson (born on December 17, 1974). Rachel recognizes Sarah as one of her biggest influencers who has inspired her to take a giant step on her professional journey in the entertainment industry. Her father is Douglas Lyle Paulson II who was previously married to Catharine Gordon (née Dolcater). who divorced when Sarah was five years old. Rachel and Sarah were born and raised by different mothers.

Rachel Paulson and Kelly Hrebenar

Body Measurements; How tall is actress Rachel Paulson?

Rachel Paulson stands at an average height above 5 feet and 4 inches. Belonging to the entertainment industry, she has learn to become a fitness freak. Being an actor is more than just the ability to act. A lot of it has to do with physical fitness, and actors are required to stay active throughout their careers. The body measurements of a female actress can determine what roles she is considered for.

Building confidence among the LGBTQ+ community

Both Hrebenar and Paulson have set a perfect example that everybody deserves success and no one should hesitate regarding their sexuality. Lesbians are not the same as gay men. Lesbians have a history of being stigmatized, marginalized, and discriminated against by society. For these reasons, lesbians are more likely to be adversely affected by marriage. A study conducted in 2016 by the Williams Institute at UCLA found that lesbian women are more likely to face economic hardship than heterosexual women who are married due to lack of job opportunities, lower earnings on average, and less stable work histories. These problems should be eliminated from society and everybody should be accepted easily with full dignity and no one should lose self-respect.

Paulson came out as a lesbian when she was 20 years old only although she was aware of it at a young age. She spent her early life in Tampa, Florida in supportive family background. She is highly inspired by her sisters who have influenced her to take a further step in the entertainment industry.

Career as a Podcast host

Actress Rachel Paulson has gained a huge fan following as the host of the video series Drink Responsibility. She is also known for being the star of the web series Dating Zoe and has also co-hosted the podcast Gay Vs. Straight Bitches. She is appreciated for her great comedic talents. She also shares her personal life experience in her podcast which makes the audience more interested and curious.

Kelly Hrebenar and her wife Rachel Paulson

How much is Rachel Paulson’s Net worth?

Rachel Paulson has an estimated net worth of US$250,000. She has not amassed as fortune as her sister has accumulated. It may not be the most glamorous occupation, but Hollywood is still an industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. One way to measure Hollywood’s success is by looking at the net worth of its stars. The average actress has a net worth of $1.4 million; however, superstars like Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon are worth several hundred million dollars.

Rachel Paulson’s Wikipedia, Instagram and Twitter

The biography of actress/ podcast host Rachel Paulson is prepared by various wiki sites including IMDb and Wikipedia. Her Instagram account is reachable @rupaulson where she has garnered over 4k followers. She is also active on Twitter @rarapaulson where she has amassed more than 3k followers.

Quick Facts

Birth Name: Rachel Paulson

Date of Birth: August 20, 1983

Place of Bith: Tampa, Florida

Profession: Actress, Writer, Podcast Host

Parents: Douglas Lyle Paulson II (father)

Education: Florida State University

Marital Status: Married

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Children: Not yet

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