Ray J & Princess Love all ready to welcome their second child on Christmas!

Congratulations! Ray J and Princess Love for their second baby.

American rapper, singer, songwriter, television personality, actor, and entrepreneur Ray and his wife Love are expecting their second baby.  Princess Love is nine months pregnant and stunning. The gorgeous began her maternity shoot with Alloria Winter Photography. She shared her pictures on her Instagram account and she is stunning in those photos.

Princess Love Second Child Maternity Shoot

Caption: @princesslove Looking Dreamy during her maternity Photoshoot.

In the picture, love was wearing a sheer outfit with a grey wing.

Princess Love Maternity Shoot Child

Caption: @princesslove simply breathing in our grey wings.
Maternity Photoshoot. #maternityphotography (Credit: Instagram)

During the interview with the handsome Ray J he said;

“Princess was already saying that she wanted another baby when she was still pregnant with Melody. She wants at least three kids and she’s getting close to her mid-30s so she does feel the time crunch. And pregnancy was very easy for her! Her friends called her a superhero because she didn’t have a single side effect or even a day of morning sickness, so she doesn’t feel worried about getting pregnant again right away.”

It seems that the duo already welcomed their baby this month and not in January 2020 as predicted. A few days ago, she shared a photo on her social media and captioned,

 “37 weeks,” the celebrity mom told her supporters. “My Prince will be here this month,” she added.

Many of their fans congratulated them and over 150,000 fans loved her notion of the Newest family. One of her fans even comment,

 “Some hospitals bring your baby to u in a little Christmas stocking if you give birth on Christmas,”

How cool it will be when the lovebirds welcomed their second baby on Christmas day Right?

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