WWE Rey Mysterio’s Net worth, Age, Height, Wife, Son, Daughter and Nationality

How much is WWE Rey Mysterio’s net worth? He has experienced a successful wrestling career through which he has an estimated net worth of US$5.8 million. He is known for being the World Heavyweight Championship twice, four-time Tag Team Champion, a two-time United States Champion and a one-time WWE Championship. He won the 2006 Royal Rumble and has headlined pay-per-view events for WWE many times. He departed from the WWE in 2015 and return back in 2018. During the break, he wrestled on the independent circuit. He is named as the greatest cruiserweight in pro wrestling history by ESPN.

How old is Rey Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio was born on December 11, 1974, which makes his age be 46 years old now. His birth name is Óscar Gutiérrez. Considering his birthday, Gutiérrez’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Family background

He was born to parents named Roberto Gutierrez Sr. (father) and Maria del Rosario (mother). He is the nephew of Mexican retired professional wrestler Miguel Ángel López Díaz who is popular by his ring name, Rey Misterio (“Mystery King”). His uncle has trained him and played a crucial role in his professional wrestling career.

He is blessed with three brothers named Lalo Gutiérrez, Roberto Gutiérrez and Luis Gutiérrez. He is also a cousin to Rey Misterio Heredero and Metalika. His eye is dark brown colored whereas he often carries bald hair.


Rey Mysterio vs The Great Khali


Rey Mysterio’s wife, son and daughter

Rey Mysterio married his wife Angie Gutierrez on May 11, 1996. They are together for nearly three decades. Their son Dominic Gutierrez was born on 5 April 1997, who is popular by the ring name Dominik Mysterio. Their second child was born as a daughter named Aaliyah Gutierrez on August 20, 2001. The family has made frequent appearances on the WWE ring together.

What is his nationality?

Rey Mysterio is an American by nationality. However, his parents belong of Mexican origin. Óscar Gutiérrez was born in Chula Vista, California, United States.

Body measurements

Rey Mysterio has an average height of 5 feet and 6 inches or 168 cm. He looks short compared to other professional wrestlers and is often named as the famous short man in WWE. He weighs about 79 kilograms or 175 lbs.


One thing most common among wrestlers is their interest in having tattoos. He has put his children’s names on his biceps. He has a tattoo with the initials EG dedicated to his best friend Eddie Guerrero who died on November 13, 2005. He has tattoos bearing numerous religious tattoos on his body.


Mysterio delivering 619 to The Undertaker


Religious belief

Óscar Gutiérrez is a religious man and describes himself as a devout Roman Catholic. We can frequently see him crossing himself before his matches. We can see a tattoo of a cross on his chest attached to rosaries.

What are his favorite things?

Óscar Gutiérrez’s favorite actor is Al Pacino and his favorite films are Nacho Libre (2006), Heat (1995) and Scarface (1983).

What are his other ring names?

Throughout his wrestling career, Gutiérrez has appeared in multiple ring names including Rey Mysterio, Colibri, El Nino, Rey Misterio II, Super Nino, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Rey Misterio Jr.

Professional journey

On April 30, 1989, he made his debut at the age of 14 in Mexico. He learned the Lucha Libre high flying style. He was awarded “Most Improved Wrestler” in Mexico in 1991 during which he was popular by the ring name Colibrí. He feuded with Juventud Guerrera during his time in AAA (Asistencia Asesoría y Administración). He teamed up with his uncle and faced Guerrera and his father Fuerza Guerrera.

In 1995, he signed with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) owned by Paul Heyman where he made his debut at Gangstas Paradise. The following year, he wrestled his final bout at Big Ass Extreme Bash.

On June 16, 1996, he made his WCW (World Championship Wrestling) debut challenging Dean Malenko for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. He started wrestling independently in Mexico after the shutdown of WCW. After returning back to the United States, he worked in IWA Mid-South and later traveled to Puerto Rico for the World Wrestling Council.

He made a big breakthrough in June 2002 by signing with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He was billed simply as Rey Mysterio and started wearing a mask again upon the request of Vince McMahon.

On July 25, 2002, he made his WWE debut as a fan favorite in a match against Chavo Guerrero. He started a feud with Kurt Angle and faced at SummerSlam where he lost after submitting to the ankle lock. Teaming up with Edge, he faced for SmackDown!-exclusive WWE Tag Team Championship in a match against Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle in the finals of the tournament at No Mercy. On November 7, he and Edge defeated Angle and Benoit but later lost to Los Guerreros in a Triple Threat Elimination match.

Later, he formed a tag team with Rob Van Dam and faced Kenzo Suzuki and René Duprée for the Tag Team Championship. They got the victory but later lost the title to the Basham Brothers on January 13, 2005.

He formed a tag team with Eddie Guerrero to face the Tag Team Championship. A match was set between them in which Mysterio turned as the winner. This made a quarrel between Mysterio and Guerrero and the storyline was filled with the frustration of Guerrero. Guerrero revealed that he is the biological father to Mysterio’s son Dominik as a part of the storyline. Their feud ended when Mysterio lost to Guerrero in a steel cage match.


Rey Mysterio with his family


Guerrero was found dead in November 2005 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in his hotel room. Mysterio gave an emotional speech to him and removed his mask to show respect for him. However, he bowed down his head and the audience couldn’t see his face. That night, he faced Shawn Michaels in an inter-promotional match and the competitors hugged each other after the match and Mysterio was seen crying in memory of Guerrero.

As part of the Team SmackDown!, he appeared in the main event of Survivor Series with John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Batista, Randy Orton, and Bobby Lashley. The team defeated Team Raw whose participants were Kane, Big Show, Shawn Michaels and Chris Masters. After eliminating Big Show at Survivor Series, he started a feud with him and they faced in a match billed as “David vs. Goliath” in a SmackDown! special show. He appeared in a 20-man battle royal for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship on January 13, 2006, where Mysterio was eliminated by Mark Henry.

Mysterio was in the limelight when he won the 2006 Royal Rumble match. He was the second entrant and lasted 62 minutes making a Royal Rumble record where he eliminated Randy Orton at the last.

He was also seen starting a feud with King Booker after Booker being the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship after winning a battle royal. Booker attacked Mysterio with help of his wife Queen Sharmell. The following week, Mysterio took revenge by attacking him.

He was part of various storylines and was seen having a feud with stars like Finlay, Santino Marella, Later, John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) and Dolph Ziggler. On August 2, 2009, he was suspended by WWE for 30 days for violating the company’s Wellness Policy. Mysterio stated that he was suspended for using a drug that he was consuming for his knee and arm. Intercontinental Championship on the September 4 episode of SmackDown.

He returned from the suspension at Hell in a Cell where he teamed up with Batista to face Chris Jericho and Big Show. They lose the match after Mysterio being punched and pinned by Big Show. He also faced then-champion The Undertaker, CM Punk and Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal Four-Way match.

Batista was very angry with Mysterio because he broke up Batista’s pin on Undertaker. This made Batista attacked him which eventually ended their alliance. They faced each other at Survivor Series and also in a street fight, both the matches were lost by Mysterio. In December, he won against Batista and turned into the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

He was suspended for the second time for 60 days for violation of the company’s Talent Wellness Program policy which was reported by WWE on April 26, 2012. He saved Daniel Bryan and CM Punk from the attack of The Wyatt Family and The Real Americans on the November 18 episode of Raw. This made him become part of the 10-man elimination tag team match at Survivor Series where he was eliminated by sole survivor Roman Reigns.

He appeared in the Royal Rumble match at #30 on January 26, 2014, where he was eliminated by Seth Rollins. It was revealed that he wanted to leave WWE but his contract was extended with his approval. Later, WWE announced that Mysterio’s contract has expired on February 26, 2015.

After being released from WWE, he started working for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. On March 18, 2015, he made his in-ring return. On March 20, 2015, he teamed up with Extreme Tiger facing the tag team of Manik and Perro Aguayo Jr. Mysterio and Tiger won the match after having the winning pin on Manik. All were unaware that Aguayo was dead who was initially supposed to have become unconscious. No criminal charges were filed and Aguayo’s death was ruled as cardiac arrest.

He made a one-night appearance on WWE on January 28, 2018, at the Royal Rumble where he turned to be a surprise entrant at number 27. He eliminated Adam Cole but was later eliminated by Finn Balor. He was eliminated by Baron Corbin on April 27 in the 50-man Royal Rumble match. It was announced that he has signed with WWE for a two-year contract.


Mysterio with his daughter Aalyah


He got the victory in a fatal five-way elimination match on the September 23 episode of Raw which made him earn an opportunity to face Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. Mysterio and his son Dominik were brutally attacked by Brock Lesnar in the following week. Mysterio assisted the debut of Cain Velasquez to attack Brock Lesnar. Lesnar and Mysterio faced at Survivor Series where Mysterio lost despite the interference from his son.

He teamed up with Aleister Black to face Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins on May 11 episode in 2020. They won the match by disqualification when Rollins pulled him off the ring apron and intentionally injured his eye. The father-son started a feud with Murphy and Rollins. His entire family including his wife and daughter also appeared at the ringside standing against Murphy and Rollins.

Mysterio’s social networking accounts

His Instagram account is reachable @619iamlucha where he is being followed by more than 3.6 million followers. He is also active on Twitter @reymysterio where she has amassed over 2.4 million followers.


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