Richard K. Davis (Make-A-Wish Foundation’s President) Age, Net worth

American businessman Richard K. Davis is mostly known for being the CEO/ President of a non-profit organization, Make-A-Wish Foundation. The native of Southern California is also the recipient of the President’s Lifetime Volunteer Service Award and one of his greatest achievements is honored by the Banking and Finance Division of the UJA-Federation of New York.

How old is Davis?

Born as Richard K. Davis, he landed on the planet in 1958 which makes his age be 64 years old as of 2022. His place of birth is in Southern California.

How was his early life?

He spent most of his early life in Southern California where he was born. From his childhood days, he was serious in matters related to business and finance. He worked as a professional actor and singer so that he could earn the seed money for college. He also performed at the Wizard of Oz. He later board multiple organizations associated with arts.

Career and Professional Life

At the age of 18, he started his banking career where he worked as a teller. This made him independent to pay his college fees. Regarding his education and academic achievements, he went to California State University, Fullerton from where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1983. He was also enrolled at the University of Washington and Cornell University in order to complete his Banking School Programs.

He has worked hard to lead the fifth-largest commercial bank in the U.S. He has contributed to the Bank of America and of Security Pacific as an Executive Vice President. As an Executive Vice President for Consumer Banking, he became part of Star Banc Corporation in 1993.

During his activeness, Star Banc Corporation merged with the Firstar Corporation in 1998 after which Firstar merged with the Mercantile Corporation in 1999. After two years, Firstar merged with U.S. Bancorp in 2001. He served the U.S. Bancorp as the Chief Operating Officer from late 2004 to late 2006. From October 2004 to January 2016, he worked as the President. He is also the Chairman of the Board since 2007 and Chief Executive Officer since late 2006. He has been serving the U.S. Bancorp by being the chair of its management committee.

Richard K. Davis Net worth

American businessman Richard K. Davis has an estimated net worth of US$9.8 million. He has made a giant success in his long business career where he has established himself in the banking industry as a renowned name.

Top Qualities of Richard K. Davis

The top qualities in Richard K. Davis that has made him successful in his professional business and investing career are:

#1: Creativity

Creative thinking is a vital skill for the business. Creative people have the ability to develop ideas and solutions that others do not think of. They also have the ability to create products and services that appeal to consumers. Davis has multiple innovative ideas which he has implemented in his practical life.

#2: Self-Discipline

The ability to self-discipline is a vital skill for the business. A disciplined person is able to put aside short-term desires and focus on long-term goals. They are also able to keep focused on a goal even when distractions come along.

#3: Leadership

Leadership is a skill that every businessman must-have. Leaders have the ability to inspire, motivate, and direct others toward common goals. They also have the ability to delegate responsibilities to other workers and ensure that work gets done. We have seen Davis in various leadership positions by working for various renowned organizations.

#4: Persistence

Persistence is another important skill for any business. Persistent people are able to persevere through obstacles and remain determined until their goal is reached.

Richard K Davis Twitter and Wiki

The biography of Richard K. Davis is prepared by various wiki sites including Wikipedia. His verified Twitter profile is not available.

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