Robert Kraft seen with another women after immediate breakup

The billionaire American businesses and sportsman, Robert Kraft goes out with a new mystery lady!

On June 9, at the French Open in Paris back the  New England Patriots owner spotted with his new love where the duo was holding hands.

Many of his fans mistakenly thought that the lady is his ex-girlfriend, Ricki Noel Lander, but our source said that she is not Ricki.

The Daily Mail has revealed that Kraft’s new mystery girl in New York City doctor Dana Blumberg. She is the 78-year-old businessman has known for at least a few years; the pair attended a 2017 event for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Similarly, the same mystery girl was also first seen cozying up to Kraft in early June at the French Open tennis final in Paris.

Later in Early July, the duo had spotted at Women’s World Cup final in Paris where he is watching the game in which Team USA defeat the Netherlands … with the same the new lady on his arm.

Although Kraft and his ex had broken up last year, he is still on quite a good term with his ex-girlfriend  Ricki.


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