Russell Crowe’s Niece defends on preferential treatment given to her uncle

Chelsea Crow, the niece of actor Russell Crowe’s, disclosed her Uncle equity being destroyed by the catastrophic “New South Whales” bushfire. Rusell Neice lives at her parental property near her Uncle in NSW North Coast. After media gossips going on around favoring to protect Russell’s property, Chelsea expressed herself in a lengthy status through facebook. Chelsea wrote that Crowe’s home is “backed by” a nature reserve and state forest, which made the area a priority and there is no favoritism by the fire rescue team.  Also, she has kindly asked the believer of favoritism to, f**k off. Crowe has also shared his niece’s expression for his fans on twitter.

The status has been written to the general crowd with no “pick-point” to any critics.  However, it won’t be untrue to pre-assume that her lengthy Facebook post is towards those neighs who spoke out the advantageous treatment given by emergency fire service to the star’s property.

On Tuesday evening, Seven News aired a talk with local women where she illustrates the scenario of tucks moving towards Crowe’s home instead of her friend’s burning home or to any general people’s property. When this statement got spill out the  NSW Rural fire rescue team told “Daily Mail”,” Firefighters are not aware of whose homes they are being sent to — aerial crews wouldn’t be aware of whose property they are going to either.” Despite allegation on the Rescue team of New South Wales are intensively working to control the fire and protect lives selflessly.

Actor and Musician, Russell Crowe’s on Wednesday shared pictures of his damaged property with his followers through Twitter. Crowe wrote;

“I’m not in Australia. My families are safe, billeted with friends. The fire hit my place late in the day yesterday. My heart goes out to everyone in the valley”.

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