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Shane Dorian’s personal life has been as colorful and adventurous as his professional journey. He found love with his longtime best friend, Lisa, and the two embarked on a life together in Holualoa, on the island of Hawaii. Their shared passion for the ocean and the outdoors created a deep bond that extended beyond the water’s edge.

The couple welcomed two children, Jackson and Charlie, into their lives. Both children inherited their father’s affinity for surfing, and Jackson Dorian, in particular, became well-known within the surfing community. He even earned the esteemed title of Kelly Slater’s godson, solidifying his connection to the sport.

In addition to their love for surfing, the Dorian family shared a passion for the great outdoors. Shane’s home in the mountains provided a unique backdrop for their adventures. However, it wasn’t just the waves that captivated Shane’s heart. He developed a keen interest in bow hunting, a pursuit that added another layer to his multifaceted life.

In his mountain home, Shane encountered wild pigs, which presented new challenges and opportunities. This led him to take up the art of bow hunting. His favorite animal to pursue was deer, and he approached hunting with a profound respect for the animals he harvested. He adhered to a principle of using all parts of the animal, ensuring that no part went to waste. His approach to hunting mirrored his connection to the ocean, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources.

Shane’s family life provided a strong foundation and a sense of balance amidst his adventurous pursuits. It showcased his ability to excel not only in the water but also in his role as a husband and father. His love for his family was evident in the way he instilled a sense of respect for nature and adventure in his children.

Who is Shane Dorian?

Shane Dorian, born on July 19, 1972, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, is a name that resonates deeply within the world of surfing. He is celebrated as a versatile waterman, renowned not only for his exceptional wave-riding skills but also for his groundbreaking contributions to the realm of big wave surfing. With a career spanning multiple decades, Shane Dorian has cemented his status as one of the most accomplished surfers and paddle-in big wave riders of his generation, leaving an indelible mark on the sport of surfing and earning the status of a true legend in the world of aquatic endeavors.

Date of Birth and Birthplace

Patrick Shane Dorian was born in the vibrant coastal town of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, on July 19, 1972. The rich cultural tapestry of Hawaii and its deep connection to the ocean played a pivotal role in shaping Shane’s lifelong relationship with the sea.

Early Life and Education

Shane Dorian’s upbringing was marked by uniqueness and distinction. He is the son of Patrick Dorian, a former Hollywood actor and, interestingly, a stunt double for the iconic Elvis Presley. His mother, Susan Dorian, was a dedicated competitive bodybuilder. The union of his parents was a serendipitous meeting that unfolded when Susan, originally from the Midwest, ventured to Hawaii to pursue her studies at the University of Hawaii. It was on the shores of Hawaii that the couple’s paths intertwined, leading to the birth of Shane.

During his early years, Shane’s parents embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by opening a beachfront restaurant aptly named “Dorian’s” when Shane was only three years old. Situated right on the edge of the breathtaking Hawaiian coastline, the restaurant’s proximity to the sea meant that the ocean became an integral part of Shane’s upbringing. The sun-soaked beaches and the rhythmic cadence of the waves provided a picturesque backdrop to his formative years, fostering a profound connection between the young boy and the sea.

Shane’s initiation into the world of wave riding began at Banyans, Big Island, where he took his first rides on a boogie board. It was here that he shared the waves with none other than the future multiple-time bodyboarding and bodysurfing champion, Mike Stewart. However, this initial experience with wave riding on a boogie board would serve as a precursor to the remarkable journey that awaited him.

At the age of five, Shane received a life-changing gift from his father. His very first surfboard became a symbol of endless possibilities and new horizons. With this gift, Shane transitioned from his trusty boogie board to embrace the challenge and thrill of stand-up wave riding. This momentous decision marked the commencement of an extraordinary journey of growth and accomplishment.

Shane’s competitive spirit began to emerge at an early age, showcasing his unique talent for wave riding. In 1983, at the age of eleven, he secured his first victory in a surf contest, foreshadowing his ascent within the world of competitive surfing. Over the next two years, he continued to impress, reaching the finals of the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) Championships in the menehune division. These achievements underscored his budding talent and unwavering dedication to the sport.

By 1985, at the age of twelve, Shane had already clinched the Hawaiian state titles, firmly establishing his reputation as a formidable presence within the local surf scene. His teenage years were characterized by a delicate balance between the North Shore of Oahu during the winter season and the shores of Hawaii’s Big Island. This dual existence allowed him to hone his skills and served as the foundation for his future success.

Shane’s international exposure began early, with his first experience representing Hawaii at the World Amateur Championships in England. These formative experiences not only highlighted his exceptional surfing skills but also revealed his magnetic personality, which would prove to be a valuable asset on his journey to becoming a surfing icon.

Career and Professional Journey

The year 1987 marked a pivotal moment in Shane Dorian’s life. At the age of fifteen, he left an indelible mark on the surfing world with a standout performance at the Gotcha Pro. His journey through the contest’s rounds, where he outshone some of the sport’s established stars, garnered the attention of judges, media, and fellow surfers alike. It was during this event that he forged significant friendships with influential figures in the surfing community, including surfers like Brock Little and Todd Chesser.

These crucial connections would later evolve into what is now recognized as the “Momentum Generation.” This tight-knit group of surfers challenged the established norms of modern surfing and ushered in a new era of innovation and progression. The “Momentum Generation” included luminaries such as Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Rob Machado, Kalani Robb, Ross Williams, Benji Weatherley, Taylor Knox, Todd Chesser, Pat O’Connell, and filmmaker Taylor Steele.

The formation of this group was based on shared experiences and a deep sense of camaraderie. As Shane reflects, “I came from a broken family, an alcoholic father, and many of us had that in common. So, we all had this weird f***ed up family in common.” This shared background created a unique bond among these surfers as they found solace and a sense of belonging on the road. Shane Dorian describes how “We became sort of our own family on the road and all competing for a world title, going around the world, and staying together.”

However, as the stakes in professional surfing continued to rise, tensions within the group began to surface. Shane recounted that it had become excessively serious and resembled a band where members couldn’t tolerate each other any longer due to escalating tensions, radical shifts, and the influence of factors like relationships and finances. The camaraderie that had once bound their journeys together was showing distinct signs of strain. He continued to explain that it became too intense, akin to a band where interpersonal dynamics had soured, marked by heightened radicalism and distractions from girls and financial matters.

Shane recounted that the situation had grown excessively serious, taking on the characteristics of a band whose members could no longer tolerate each other due to escalating tensions, significant shifts, and the impact of factors such as relationships and finances. The strong camaraderie that had previously united their journeys was displaying evident signs of strain. He went on to clarify that the environment had turned excessively intense, resembling a band where interpersonal relationships had deteriorated significantly, marked by increased radicalism and distractions stemming from romantic involvements and financial concerns.

Developing a Taste for Big Waves

At the age of seventeen, Shane Dorian officially turned professional, marking a significant milestone in his career. In 1992, at the age of twenty, he embarked on a daring adventure alongside Todd Chesser and Brock Little. Their quest took them to an outer reef on a sizable swell day, introducing Shane to the world of big wave surfing in a dramatic fashion.

The paddle-out to the remote location was an arduous 45-minute endeavor. As they arrived at their intended location, the group was met with a breathtaking welcome – colossal 25-foot waves and the resounding crash of monumental cleanup sets. After observing his friends tackle these colossal waves, Shane courageously took off on a wave, only to be engulfed ­­by the surging water and experience a harrowing wipeout

This wipeout was severe, leaving Shane unconscious in the water. When he regained consciousness, he found himself unable to feel his legs and foaming at the mouth. This traumatic event marked the beginning of a series of near-death experiences that would shape his career.

In 1993, following the passing of his father, Shane Dorian took a significant step forward in his professional journey by joining the elite ranks of surfing and participating in the ASP World Tour. However, it soon became apparent that competitive shortboard surfing was not his true calling. Despite his well-rounded technical skills and mastery, Shane struggled to find his place within the highly competitive shortboard heats. His true brilliance appeared to shine only during his free surfing sessions. Although he managed to secure victories at the 1999 Rip Curl Pro and the 2000 Billabong Pro Mundaka, his highest placement in the Championship Tour (CT) rankings was a fourth-place finish in 2000. It was evident that big wave surfing was where his heart truly lay.

Shane Dorian’s evolution as a surfer and waterman continued as he made a seamless transition from the competitive surfing arena to the realm of big wave riding. It was here that he truly found his calling and made pioneering contributions to the sport.

His mastery of big wave riding was further underscored in 2001 when he finished as the runner-up in the prestigious Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, solidifying his status as a big wave authority.

During this period, Shane Dorian also ventured into the world of cinema, co-starring in the movie “In God’s Hands.” This move was symbolic of his willingness to follow in his father’s Hollywood footsteps, gaining recognition beyond the waves.

The Extreme Exit Strategy

By 2003, it became clear to Shane that his heart was no longer in competitive surfing. Despite being considered one of the sport’s finest all-arounders, he found the world of CT competitions to be more of a burden than an inspiration. Shane confessed that competition was a chore for him and that he lacked a killer instinct against his opponents.

At this point, Shane Dorian was recognized as a leading new school aerialist, a fearless and agile tube rider, and an eager protege of big-wave charger Brock Little. He had also developed a unique style marked by a raised chin, down-turned wrists and hands, and splayed fingers, setting him apart from the crowd.

The 2000s witnessed a transformation in Shane’s approach to big wave riding. He shifted from tow-in surfing to paddle-in surfing, becoming one of the most respected figures in tackling heavy waters. One of his favorite playgrounds was the awe-inspiring Jaws/Peahi, a wave known for its sheer power and massive size. It was at this break that Shane received multiple XXL awards, further solidifying his status as a big wave aficionado.

From 2005 to 2020, Shane Dorian garnered a multitude of accolades, encompassing distinctions such as Tube of the Year, Paddle of the Year, Ride of the Year, and Overall Performance awards.. He led the charge at Mavericks and showcased just how far a surfer could push the boundaries of extreme riding.

During one memorable session at the Northern California surf break, Shane found himself caught in a two-wave hold-down and nearly faced a life-threatening situation. This experience was a turning point, leading Shane to develop the Billabong V1, an inflatable wetsuit that would revolutionize safety in big wave surfing.

Contemplating the near-drowning event, Shane delved into his experience, elucidating that he had found himself at the extremity of a 15-foot tether to his surfboard, submerged beneath the tumultuous waves for a duration of one minute and eight seconds. He stressed the significance of comprehending the intricacies of breath-holding under the duress of elevated heart rates, remarking that lacking such knowledge could lead individuals to approach perilous wipeouts with a sense of uncertainty, simply hoping for survival while attempting to sustain their breath.

Shane’s personal static breath-holding record stands at an impressive five minutes and 34 seconds. His remarkable ability to maintain composure under extreme conditions showcased his dedication to mastering the art of big wave riding.

In 2012, Shane Dorian received the prestigious title of Waterman of the Year from the Surf Industry Manufacturers’ Association (SIMA). This recognition underscored his exceptional contributions to the world of surfing, particularly in the realm of big wave riding.

A Big Wave Authority

By the mid-2010s, Shane Dorian had solidified his reputation as one of the most decorated big wave riders in the history of the sport. In 2013, he was inducted into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame, a testament to his enduring impact on the world of surfing.

Shane’s personal life flourished alongside his professional journey. He found love in his longtime best friend, Lisa, and they embarked on a life together in Holualoa, on the island of Hawaii. The couple shared their passion for the ocean and welcomed two children, Jackson and Charlie, into their lives. Both children inherited their father’s affinity for surfing, with Jackson Dorian even earning the esteemed title of Kelly Slater’s godson.

While Shane’s favorite waves remained the iconic Pipeline, the colossal waves of Jaws, and the world-class breaks of Cloudbreak, he developed another passion – bow hunting. His mountain home presented new challenges in the form of wild pigs, leading Shane to take up the art of bow hunting. His favorite animal to pursue was deer, and he maintained a profound respect for the animals he hunted, adhering to a principle of using all parts of the animals he harvested.

In addition to his adventures in the outdoors, Shane Dorian ventured into the world of entrepreneurship by co-founding Revelshine, an organic and sustainable wine brand. Despite his numerous accomplishments, he remained humble, often expressing discomfort when asked about his profession.

Shane also dedicated his efforts to the Shane Dorian Keiki Classic, an annual surf contest for Under-17 boys and girls. This competition, initiated in 1995, aimed to foster the growth and development of young surfers in Hawaii.

In 2018, Shane Dorian had an extensive three-hour conversation with the controversial media personality Joe Rogan on the latter’s popular podcast. The candid conversation touched upon various aspects of Shane’s life, including his experiences in the surfing world, his foray into big wave riding, and his perspective on life.

By 2020, Shane Dorian had already taken on some of the most treacherous waves around the world, including Nazaré and Teahupoo. His ability to adapt to different surf conditions and continue pushing the boundaries of big wave riding solidified his reputation as a waterman extraordinaire.

Standing at a height of 5’8” (1.73 meters) and weighing around 160 pounds (72 kilograms), Shane Dorian was living proof that size and stature could not limit one’s capabilities in the world of surfing.


Throughout his career, Shane Dorian made appearances in several surf movies, further establishing his presence in the world of cinema. His contributions to these films added depth and character to his legacy:

“Momentum” (1992): A documentary that showcased the progression of surfing during the early ’90s and featured the rising stars of the sport, including Shane Dorian.

“Focus” (1994): A surf film that captured the cutting-edge style and athleticism of surfers during the mid-’90s, with Shane Dorian’s talent on full display.

“Psyched elic Desert Groove” (1997): A visually captivating surf movie that explored the mystique of surf culture, where Shane’s free-spirited approach to wave riding was celebrated.

“In God’s Hands” (1998): A feature film that introduced Shane Dorian to the world of acting and Hollywood, signaling a transition from surf stardom to a more prominent public profile.

“Nine Lives” (1999): This surf documentary followed the lives of nine exceptional surfers, with Shane Dorian featured as one of the prominent figures, contributing to the film’s depth.

“The September Sessions” (2002): A documentary film that showcased a group of surfers traveling the globe in search of the perfect wave, with Shane Dorian’s adventurous spirit taking center stage.

“Thicker than Water” (2000) and “Shelter” (2001): Two surf films that provided insight into the lifestyle and camaraderie of the “Momentum Generation,” with Shane Dorian playing a pivotal role in the storyline.

Shane’s involvement in these films not only highlighted his remarkable surfing skills but also allowed fans and enthusiasts to connect with the surfer on a more personal level. His unique approach to riding waves and his charismatic personality shone through in these cinematic endeavors, further endearing him to the global surf community.

Achievements and Recognitions

Shane Dorian’s contributions to the world of surfing, especially in the realm of big wave riding, have earned him numerous accolades and recognitions. His achievements and honors include:

  1. Induction into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame in 2013, celebrating his enduring impact on the sport of surfing.
  2. The prestigious title of Waterman of the Year from the Surf Industry Manufacturers’ Association (SIMA) in 2012, acknowledging his exceptional contributions to the world of surfing, particularly in the realm of big wave riding.
  3. Multiple XXL awards for outstanding performances in big wave surfing, solidifying his status as a big wave authority.
  4. Triumphs in different surf contests, such as the 1999 Rip Curl Pro and the 2000 Billabong Pro Mundaka.
  5. A prominent role in the “Momentum Generation,” a group of influential surfers who challenged established norms in modern surfing and ushered in a new era of innovation and progression.
  6. Recognition for his safety contributions in big wave surfing through the development of the Billabong V1, an inflatable wetsuit designed to enhance safety in extreme conditions.

These achievements and recognitions underscore Shane Dorian’s profound impact on the sport of surfing and his enduring legacy as a waterman extraordinaire.

Shane Dorian’s Net worth

Shane Dorian, a renowned figure in professional surfing, has accumulated an estimated net worth of approximately 2 million USD through a combination of factors. His exceptional achievements in professional surfing, particularly in the realm of big wave riding, have been a key contributor, as he secured victories in prestigious competitions and received numerous awards for his prowess. Dorian’s involvement with top surf brands and endorsement deals also added to his income and marketability. Additionally, his entrepreneurial venture, Revelshine, an organic and sustainable wine brand, aligned with his values and further boosted his financial success. His appearances in surf films and contributions to the safety of big wave surfing through innovations like the Billabong V1 wetsuit have enhanced his wealth and influence. Shane Dorian’s dedication to both surfing and business ventures has been instrumental in amassing his net worth.

Lessons from Shane Dorian’s Biography

Shane Dorian’s biography offers several valuable lessons:

  • Passion and Dedication: Shane’s journey demonstrates the power of passion and dedication. His unwavering love for the ocean and relentless pursuit of excellence allowed him to excel in the challenging world of big wave surfing.
  • Adaptability: Shane’s transition from competitive shortboard surfing to big wave riding showcases the importance of adaptability. Sometimes, embracing a new direction can lead to unprecedented success.
  • Respect for Nature: Shane’s commitment to hunting with respect for nature and sustainability highlights the importance of responsible practices in outdoor pursuits. It serves as a reminder that enjoying nature should go hand in hand with protecting it.
  • Family Values: Shane’s strong bond with his family and his role as a husband and father demonstrate the significance of balancing one’s professional passions with personal values and relationships.
  • Innovation and Safety: Shane’s work on developing safety equipment like the Billabong V1 underlines the importance of innovation and safety in extreme sports. His efforts have not only saved lives but also pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in big wave surfing.
  • Embracing Change: Shane’s evolution from a fierce competitor to a more relaxed, non-competitive surfer underscores the idea that embracing change can lead to personal growth and a more fulfilling life.
  • Community and Camaraderie: The camaraderie and shared experiences of the “Momentum Generation” exemplify the value of community and shared experiences in achieving common goals.

Wiki and facts

Shane Dorian’s life story is one of remarkable achievements in the world of surfing, underpinned by passion, adaptability, respect for nature, and the importance of family. His journey serves as an inspiration to those who seek to excel in their chosen endeavors while staying true to their values. His Facebook profile can be reached @Shane-Dorian where he has amassed more than 226,000 followers. Similarly, his Instagram account @shanedorian is being followed by over 501,000 followers.

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