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Today’s basic needs comprise of health, education, food, shelter, and drinking water. Among which nowadays health is prioritized must, because of busy work schedules, polluted environment and lack of leisure we are leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. So, everybody wants to have a fit life as it also affects your personality and mass presentation of self. Shania Perrett is one among such people who are trying to bring people on the fitness track. She is alerting and teaching people about the goals and necessities of happy life. According to her wiki, she was born on 1st March 1997 in Gold coast, Australia. Brought up by her parents in Australia, she was very inquisitive and smart from a very small age. Growing up she became health and fitness concerned and later on, began blogging about it. Till date, she has helped several people in achieving their dream body and a fit life.  Shania herself is a hot compilation of amazing height and ideal body measurements. Through her, this job Shania has made a huge number of followers along with an immensely whooping net worth. The gorgeous beauty is having a joy-filled personal life along with an immensely progressive professional one. As per some reports, she is currently dating a guy and is often seen with him in the public. But she has not given any personal details about her boyfriend.

Bio and wiki

As in 2017, Shania is 20 years old, she is a young and energetic fitness blogger. At her age, other youths are enjoying a busy pub life comprised of fast foods and different alcoholic beverages, and some engage themselves in smoking also. But she staying far from all such things is leading herself and the world towards a healthy, happy and fit life. Shania was previously working in a customer service center as its full-time staff. But in 2012, she quitted her job and opened an Instagram account which is now a major medium for sharing her blogs around the world. Her Instagram account has 500 thousand followers and they all are interested in the healthy life she lives. Shania summarizes her lifestyle, daily activities, eating habits and health care routines through the posts. As she is a fitness model, one can also go through her hot professional photo shoots available on the social networking sites. Her followers are always in search of something new, easier, and effective, she never fails to impress them. Shania’s bio is a true inspiration for those youths who are trying to bring their life on healthy track. Her Instagram account is a boon for those people who are in search of the easy but effective way toward achieving their dream body goals.

Body measurements

Everybody has a dream of achieving fit and fabulous body, but if he/she doesn’t work for it then it’s an illogical wish indeed. Shania’s workout and diet have gifted her an ideal body. She has a perfect body shape and her figure also never fails to allure anyone.  Due to a proper balance of height and weight, her body looks heavenly good. But a thing of disappointment for the fans is that she has not shared any information about her height, weight, body measurement, dress, shoe size. Shania has gone through a implant surgery. She has also given every update related to the implant and all post-surgery precautions in her personal website.

Personal life

According to some sources, Shania’s net worth is supposed to be about 200 thousand US dollars. Along with that, her annual income sums up to 75 thousand US dollars. Moving onto her love life, she is dating but not any related information about her boyfriend has been available in the media. Maybe she will share it with her fans when the right time comes or keep it private.

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