Sharon Osburne calls Simon Cowell “Dirty Old Man” and former X-factor judges Kiddo!

America’s Got Talent (AGT) producer, Simon Cowell is repeatedly making headings on Celeb News; surrounding Gabrielle Union’s controversial cut-off from America’s got talent. This week, talent show judge, Cowell has been on highlight for opening up a boy’s club on his show X-Factor. The “Boys club” tagline was passed on to the executive producer from his previous co-worker, Sharon Osburne.

 On the CBS show, “The Talk”, recent episode, the former X-star showed up as a guest and revealed the wage differences between the women and men crew of Simon produced show, the X-factor. She even slammed the appearance of AGT Producer, and called him “dirty old man”.

Sixty-seven, telly judge said,

“It is a boy’s club, okay? And the boys take care of each other, and the women are not paid as much as the men.”

Sharon, previously had worked for AGT for six years before Cowell changed the designation . And had also been on the show of X-FactorUK, as a judge. Osburne also claims to have been fired from X-factor for being “too old”. Former judge of AGT, Howard Stern, also recently slammed the AGT team for trading off older looking female judges with “Hot looking younger ones”.

Claims from these telly judges cannot be untrue as we have seen numerous change on the judging panel of X-Factor-US and AGT, both of which Cowell is an executive producer for. In the first season of X-Factor US, we could see Paul Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger working alongside Simon Cowell. Nicole left on the midway of the season and was replaced by Cheryl Cole. In the second season we can see Britney Spears and Demi Lovato alongside Cowell.

Also, through the CBS talk show, Sharon openly left a comment for the newly selected judge from X-factor and called them a kid’s who are judging other kids. No statement from the executive producer or any member of the show has been revealed to the public, against or for the blasted sentences from Sharon.

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