Sheldon Adelson Contact Information, Daughter, Jewish, Grandchildren and Net worth


This article is all about Sheldon Adelson biography who is best known for being an American billionaire holding a net worth of 35.7 billion dollars as of 2017. This American business mogul is the investor, founder, chairman and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. He is one of the renowned humanitarians who has been supporting his wife’s organization named “Adelson Foundation.” Sheldon Adelson was born on August 4, 1933, to a Ukrainian-Jewish and Lithuanian-Jewish ancestry. Regarding his date of birth, the billionaire is at the age of 84 as of now. Studying his business career and professional life would be beneficial to all the management/ commerce students.  Here we will provide his entire profile including Sheldon Adelson contact information (residence, house address, email address), personal life (spouse, daughter, family background, grandchildren), social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and much more.


Where does Sheldon Adelson Live?


You must be wondering where does this American business tycoon live. Well, Sheldon Adelson house address in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States of America where he is living with his wife named Miriam Ochsorn with whom he married in 1991.


Sheldon Adelson Contact Information


Now let’s discuss the billionaire contact information like his email address, social account and so on. He has not provided an email address as he might get problems disclosing it to the public. He is not active on social medias either. But you can find his company’s profile on Facebook and Twitter. He is the chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp. The Company’s Official Facebook Page can be reached


How much is Sheldon Adelson Net worth?

The CEO Las Vegas Sands Corp is one of the richest people from the United States who has accumulated a net worth of 35.7 billion dollars which is about 10 times to Donald Trump’s worth. As an investor and a business mogul, counting his entire property including, investment, stocks, real estates, liabilities and other financial data is not an easy job. During his long successful career, Adelson has worked as a mortgage broker, financial advisor and consultant, investor and now he is one of the greatest businessmen around the world. He had already developed more than 50 different companies which have already been expanded on different corners of the earth. He is also the creator of the world’s largest trade show for the computer industry i.e. “Comdex.”


Sheldon Adelson Daughter


Shelley Adelson is the daughter of billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Her mother is Sandra with whom Sheldon divorced in 1988. Not much information is available about Shelley.


Sheldon Adelson Grandchildren


Sheldon Adelson was listed in the list of World’s Wealthiest Grandparents mentioned by The exact number of Sheldon Adelson grandchildren is not available.


Short Bio


American billionaire Sheldon Adelson has already crossed the age of eighty. By religion, he is Jewish and has been found donating to the religious organizations. He was born to a low-income family and is able to build the empire on his own. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. His father named Arthur Adelson was a taxi driver whereas Adelson’s mother used to run a small shop.


Adelson was business-minded from his childhood. He started working when he was just 12 years old by borrowing $200 from his uncle. Later he started a candy-vending-machine business. He was joined to college but drop out of it in order to focus his own business. Since then, he has traveled a long career path and as a result, he is one of the greatest business tycoons of the present world.

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