Is Shonitria Anthony Married? Her Bio, Spouse, Kids, and Cannabis Use

If you didn’t think weed-smoking mothers could get groovier, think again. Shonitria Anthony, creator of the blog “Blunt Blowin’ Mama,” is breaking stereotypes and bringing sexy back to cannabis legislation.

Find her biography here, why she supports growing indica strain seeds, and what her family life is like. Learn why she only smoked weed in her second pregnancy and who her favorite singer is.

Shonitria Anthony Biography and Career

Shonitria Anthony is a cannabis enthusiast who knows what she’s talking (and writing) about. She graduated from Columbia University in 2012 with a Master of Science degree in Journalism. 

Before she finished college, she was already writing up a storm as an Editorial Intern for Creative Loafing in Atlanta. She then went on to do fact-checking and copy editing in the same position at Uptown Magazine in New York.

Shonitria worked as a full-time editor at ATTN: from 2016 to 2017, then at ABC News in 2018. At the end of 2017, she started a small project comically titled “Blunt Blowin’ Mama.” Little did she know that this would be her launching pad toward becoming an internet sensation. 

The idea began as a community she wanted to create after not finding any others that represented young, black, stoner mothers. According to her, “They were either white, older, or childfree.” (We’re looking at you, Martha Stewart).

Shonitria started growing the community, fondly known as “BBM,” on Instagram. It was casual at first but has since accumulated over 40 000 followers. She created a blog when she realized how many people loved her posts.

The BBM platform is now a thriving hot spot for various topics, primarily focusing on cannabis and parenting. Shonitria also has a podcast in which she talks about everything from pregnancy to breastfeeding and relationship advice. 

Shonitria Anthony Spouse and Kids

Does Shonitria Anthony have a husband?

Yes, she’s happily married to, Jared Anthony, a smoker of weed as well. They’ve been together for over 11 years and have two children as of 2022. Their daughter, Zora, was born in March 2015, followed by their son, Escott, in January 2019.

You can listen to some podcasts featuring the couple on the BBM website. They share their thoughts on relationships and how Jared felt about Shonitria smoking marijuana during her second pregnancy. 

The happy-go-lucky canna mama says that weed gave her tremendous stress relief during and after her pregnancy. She didn’t use it when she was carrying her firstborn. However, after researching it and experiencing its benefits, she consumed it when she had her second child.

Shonitria believes the herb is a highly effective pain treatment and could “rival the epidural” one day. Maybe she’ll create her own cannabis strain as Donna D’Erico did.

Shonitria Anthony: Cannabis Activist, Proud Mother, and Anti-Racist

Shonitria Anthony is a loud and proud voice for other parents who smoke weed. As a mother, she says, “cannabis allows me to sit down, play with my kids, and get goofy.” She doesn’t consume it around them but plans to be more open about it when they’re older.

Her blog and podcast cover sensitive topics like racial profiling and negative stereotypes against stoners. She firmly supports the medicinal use of marijuana and encourages women to educate themselves about it. 

Shonitria’s ultimate goal with her platform is for “naysayers” to stop shaming weed-smoking parents. She wants to break the taboo and change the negative perception that many people have of stoners, particularly mothers.

She hasn’t shied away from addressing racism, either. While working at ATTN: she organized a protest and tried to file a lawsuit against the company and comedian Bill Maher. Her actions came after he used a racial slur in his TV show.

Maher was also an ATTN: investor, and, unfortunately, Shonitria’s protest and the lawsuit didn’t succeed. That didn’t stop her from continuing to address racism publicly. She openly discusses it on her podcast, covering related topics like black marijuana moms and the war on drugs.

Shonitria Anthony Personal Life

In her spare time, Shonitria Anthony is an unashamedly ardent fan of Beyoncé and enjoys sharing amusing tweets on Twitter. She remains active on Instagram, posting funny videos and stoner quotes that many mothers can relate to.

In addition to weed, she loves fashion, nature, and taking romantic shroom trips with her husband. Her BBM blog features many entertaining stories and various resources for parents. She also has merchandise and hosts workshops and a weekly “smoke sesh.”  

If you want to learn more and join other stoner moms in Shonitria Anthony’s wonderful community, visit her BBM website. Forget what the haters say; sit back and enjoy that joint. You deserve it. 

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