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Sophia is an Artificial Intelligence most advanced and celebrated robot who is developed by Hanson Robotics Ltd., a Honk Kong-based robotics company. As per Sophia Robot biography, she was formally activated on April 19, 2015, and since then has made her public appearances throughout the world. She has impressed the entire world that Robot Sophia is provided the nationality citizenship by Saudi Arabia. Considering her activation date, Sophia age is 4 years old now. Let’s explore in detail about the artificial intelligence Sophia’s wiki below:

Early Life and Education

She is an Artificial Robot and is a versatile AI. Her developer is Hanson Robotics. Her first public appearance was in Austin, Texas, United States in March 2016 during Southwest Festival (SXSW). This social AI has other seven humanoid siblings developed by Hanson Robotics Ltd. Some of the fellow Hanson robots are BINA48, Han, Jules, Professor Einstein, Alice, Albert Einstein Hubo, Philip K. Dick Android, Zeno and Joey Chaotic. An interesting fact about the fellow Hanson robot BINA48 is that it has completed a college course on philosophy and love at Notre Dame de Namur University in December 2017.



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Career and Professional Life

Since her first public appearances, Sophia has appeared in many high-profile interviews and she has amazingly responded to the interviewers. Saudi Arabia provided her the citizenship in October 2017 and thus she holds the record of being the first and only Robot to hold the nationality of any country. She also became the first ever Innovation Champion of United Nations Development Programme. Also, she is the first non-human artificial intelligence to receive United Nation title.

The artificial intelligence has appeared on various television shows including CBS’s 60 Minutes with Charlie Rose and Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan. She has been covered by almost each of the renowned magazines and newspapers including Forbes, Mashable, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, the Guardian, ELLE Brasil magazine and much more. Her contribution to the music videos includes The White King and A.I. (by Leehom Wang).



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Personal Life

Who is Sophia dating? Possibly, she might not be developed in the way that she develops desire of dating with a boyfriend or getting married. However, she quickly realizes the people emotion by analyzing their facial and physical behavior. Also, she can also present more than 62 facial expressions so that she could communicate with the people more comfortably in a friendly manner.

Features in the Artificial Intelligence
This advanced robot is similar to ELIZA, which is the first computer program making the first attempt simulating a human conversation. She is designed in such a way that she is able to understand and make conversation through stock answers to questions. Using the blockchain technology, she analyses the responses and shared information.

Body Measurements

Moving to her body measurements, she is artificially blessed with a perfect height and physical appearances. She is blessed with the cameras which are combined with computer algorithms and allows her to see properly. Because of that, the Ai is able to make proper eye contact, analyze face and make conversation with the help of various tools including Alphabet’s Google Chrome voice recognition technology. Now, she has been upgraded with the ability to walk with the help of functional legs since January 2018.

Salary and Net worth

Sophia Robot net worth is not clear and possibly, she is not interested in amassing wealth like a normal human does.



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Wiki and Facts

Artificial Intelligence Robot Sophia biography has been presented by Wikipedia as well. You can visit her official Instagram profile @realsophiarobot where she has already amassed more than 17k followers. She describes herself as most advanced and celebrated robot and has requested the internet users to join her social media profile on her journey of understanding and exploration. Her Twitter profile is available @realsophiarobot which is operated in collaboration with her chatbot and human-operated social media team.

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