Sophia Thiel age, wiki, diet, workout, net worth, height, and dating

A lady who inspires all, an immensely dedicated plus inspiring fitness model this line introduces Sophia Thiel the best. A YouTube Channel runner, personal trainer, fitness model, and bodybuilder, Sophia is an incredible package of the healthy lifestyle. As per her wiki, she was born on 13th March 1995 in Germany. Brought up in Germany by the parents, Sophia in her adolescence was a fat girl. Due to this reason, Sophia was bullied from a very small age and as its result, she hated going to school. Though she had a good height, her body was the major cause of being abused. Later on, when one of her friends suggested gym, she began workouts and strict diet. The result of which can be seen today, she is really a dedicated person. In the crowd of bullies, an only person who advised her for betterment was a good guy indeed. Currently, she is dating the same good guy; both are a lovely couple together. From her different sources, Sophia has hard earned an impressive amount of net worth. Sophia really has come a long way to this successful life and beautiful body. She proves the slogans like when there is a will there is a way and if won’t work worth for your dreams they are just wishes.

Wiki and age

Talking about her age, she is just 23 years as in 2018. She is the owner of a YouTube channel named Sophia Thiel that has about 750 thousand subscribers and already crossed 70 million plus views. On her YouTube channel, she mostly advises people about eating habits along with tips. She also keeps on uploading exercise videos which help in losing weight and getting dream figure. Sophia has also started her own website where she gives information, suggestions, tips, and tutorials about fitness. The lady has also trained many of such people who were like her and is still doing it. Miss Thiel also runs an online training course for her distant followers interested in having a dream body. This beauty also participated in a bodybuilding competition in 2014 and came out grabbing the third position. She also has posted some pictures of working out with Steve Cook- the famous model on her social media.
Sophia is quite famous on the social networking sites also; her Instagram account with 1.2 million plus followers is a proof of it.

Diet and workout

The famous model has lost about 25 kg in this last 3 years. It’s a quite big achievement made possible only because of her appropriate diet and adequate workout. Sophia has divided 7 weekdays in a different and effective way, for day 1 she does exercise related with chest and calves. On day 2, she does exercises related to legs and takes a leap on the 3rd day. The 4th day is specialized for triceps, biceps, and abs while on day 5 she goes with exercises related to shoulder and calves. Day 6 is for back and abs while the 7th day is again a rest day. Talking about her diet she has 5 meal plans and the first one is Oatmeal + Whey + Eggs + fruit. The second plus third options are Sweet Potatoes+ Steak and Turkey respectively. The 4th plus 5th plan goes like Chicken + Vegetables + Avocado and Tuna Seed + Linseed oil respectively. Currently’ her height is 5 feet 7 inches and she weighs about 57 kg.

Personal life

According to some sources, Sophia’s net worth is 200 thousand US dollars while her annual income is $80,000. This amount has made her life luxurious, sophisticated, and high-profile. Talking about her love life, she is currently dating the college friend who suggested her to join a gym. But any sort of additional information about that guy is not explored yet.

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