Was Stan Rice Married or Dating? His Wiki, Wife, Son and Net Worth

Was Stan Rice married or dating? Regarding his marital status, Stan was a married man. His wife’s name is Howard Allen Frances O’Brien who is popular by the name Anne Rice (born on October 4, 1941). His wife is better known for being the author of gothic fiction and Christian literature.

Stan and his wife Anne were married in October 2016. From their conjugal life, they became blessed with a son named Christopher Rice (born on March 11, 1978) with whom they migrated to Garden District, New Orleans. Let’s explore in detail about Stan Rice’s wiki including some interesting personal facts about him:


Who was Stan Rice?

Stan Rice was a famous American poet and artist. Best known for the expression of free-floating emotions in his poems, Rice’s creations are close to the real lives of ordinary people. Not a dream of heaven or happiness but his poems are the truth serums of people’s mindset in this 21st century.

Not just a brilliant poet but he was also a masterful artist who could paint the colors of life in a canvas. His paintings are demonstrated in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art. The detailed wiki of Stan Rice is given below.


Early Life and Education Background of Stan Rice

Stan rice was born on 7th November 1942 in Dallas, Texas, the US. He was a very assiduous student and was always eager to learn. After completing High school he joined School of Journalism in Richardson, Texas where he met Anne Rice. Then they joined North Texas State University in Denton on 14th October 1961. In 1962 he migrated to San Francisco and transferred to San Francisco State University and completed MA. He was always an inquisitive person thus, learning various books related to several fields was his hobby. He was quite passionate about books.


Stan Rice’s Career and Professional Life

Stan Rice started working as a professor of English and Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. He was one of the finest tutors of the University and was equally loved by students. Stan and Anna were blessed with a daughter after a few years of their marriage.

But the little girl died at a young age of 6 years due to Leukemia. After that, Stan was heartbroken and he decided to pour all his sorrow and grief into words and wrote poems. Stan also left the hob. He published his first book of poems titled Some Lamb in 1975 which was a reflection of his daughter’s illness and death.

The other books published by Stan Rice include Whiteboy, Body of Work, Singing Yet: New and Selected Poems, Fear Itself, The Radiance of Pigs, Red to The Rind, and False Prophet. The book Whiteboy is considered as his masterpiece, it also won him the prestigious Academy of American Poets’ Edgar Allan Poe Award for it. Some other awards received by the maestro include Joseph Henry Jackson Award and writing fellowship from the National Endowment for The Arts. He tirelessly worked as the Creative Writer as well as Assistant Director of the Poetry Center for 22 years and then retired in 1921.


Personal and Family Life

Stan met his future wife Anne in the School of Journalism in Richardson. They both immediately fell in love with each other and got married on 14th October 1961. Anne gave birth to a daughter and a son. Later Stan, Anne, and their son- Christopher migrated to Garden District, New Orleans, and opened the Stan Gallery. Stan died on 2nd December 2002 at the age of 60 due to brain cancer.


How Much was the Net worth of Stan Rice?

Stan Rice’s estimated net worth was around 1.9 million US dollars. The amount of money was earned by the sales of his book and his job as the creative head of the Poetry Center. He built a lavish mansion in Garden District for his family which included his mother, wife, and son. The property is still preserved by his son and wife.


Wiki and Facts

Stan was a full-of-life painter and created some beautiful art pieces. According to Anne Rice, the painting was his favorite recreational activity. After his death, his paintings were demonstrated in various museums for an exhibition. The Art Galleries of Southeastern Louisiana hosted his largest painting exhibition in March 2005.         

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