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We are residing in a generation where career importance have enlarged while marriage has become an optional requirement. Women today are getting more inclined and making attempts to frame a solid career while their love life seems to be tattered halfway with a tag of no string attached. CNN queen Sunny Hostin is a woman who has inspired to acquire more from their present status. Beside achieving more from her career aspect and becoming ideal to her fans, is she successful in being an ideal wife to her husband or children or is she seeking for a right partner to expand her family?

Let’s not miss to find out more about her personal life, age, salary, her family & home!

Successful married life or a broken one? Who’s Sunny Hostin husband? Any children, so far?

Lucky are those ones who get hitched with their long survived love. And lucky is Sunny Hostin who defeated the consequences and got married to the love of her life. Yes! Sunny Hostin is a married woman. She got married in a private ceremony on August 8, 1988, to orthopedic doctor Emmanuel Hostin a graduate from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

When rummaging about her husbands family background he hails from a wealthy family who has a strong affiliation with Mount Sinai West, Mount Sinai St.Luke’s and Lenox Hill Hospital.

Though the information about her dating series are not very much revealed we can pretty much say that the lady is surely a charmer to attract a doctor and sustain her marriage this long.

From the said marriage with orthodox, she has two children daughter Paloma and son Gabriel whom she has raised with tender care and love. She is tremendously in love with her husband and children, therefore her family life and marriage is so far sound.

Presently, Hostin has set up a beautiful home at Long Island, Newyork. Till date, we have not heard any news of her divorce or any children issues or rumor about any extramarital affairs.

Strong women sustaining her career & family? Let’s get a glimpse of her overall background!

Sunny was born to an African American nationality father William Cummings and a Puerto Rican mother Rosa Beza. She has no siblings so far, she seems to be a single child of her parents.

What made her choose law as her major career was an incident which completely shook her. At an early age, Sunny witnessed the murder of her friend’s father in front of a candy store. This act made her incline on the criminology area which urged her to choose the legal profession. With a steady figure of 5 ft 9 inch she surely makes her a confident and smart lawyer.

Networth & Biography

Sunny Hostin was born in New York City to cross-cultured parents making her an American nationality with mixed ethnicity. She got an opportunity to spend her childhood in Bronx, New York while she attended Dominican Academy, an all-girls school. Further, she obtained her degree in Communications subject from Binghamton University followed by a professional degree of Law from Notre Dam Law School.

Before grabbing the spotlight, she started as a Law clerk to Robert M.Bell and later became a trial attorney of the US Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division, US Department.  Further, she took a leap on her career and became Assitant Attorney in the District of Columbia where she sharpened her experiences in child sex crimes which made her grab a Special Achievement award as a successful prosecutor.

Before FOX channel she worked as a commentator for Court TV. In Fox News, she hosted the show “Is it Legal” with co-host  Megyn Kelly and Bill O’ Reilly. She finally joined CNN in 2007 as a legal analyst in  “American Morning ” while also worked for her news column “Sunny’s Law”

At present, she is working as a Senior Legal Correspondent for ABC channel. She is also a host of the show “The View”. She is also a co-owner of a restaurant “Alvin & Friends” at New Rochelle, with all her investment and works she managed to accumulate a net worth of $2 million while her salary is sure in more than thousands grand.

We are sure in a few more years we will get to see Hostin indulged in more of charity work. We have seen her legal techniques and hosting skills in future we will surely see the next version of Sunny Hostin.


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